Conf3ss Shoes – One Pair Of Shoes – Endless Options

Conf3ss Shoes - One Pair Of Shoes - Endless Options

If you live in a city area or in an apartment, you would know that wardrobe space is just about as limited as people who can pull off crocs.

Recently a brand called Conf3ss Shoes got in contact to show me their shoes and I had one of those exciting endless possibilities moments. It’s like when you open a cupboard door at Ikea and start planning your entire life around a shelf on tracks filled with containers of fake food. These shoes are that feeling and those feelings come in nude and black, and sandal or wedge options, with an array of straps to change to suit every outfit colour combination possible. I know, endless possibilities.

Conf3ss Shoes allow their customers to design their own shoe. You can customise the toe, t-bone and ankle strap with their range of coloured and textured straps to suit your outfit. And if their amazing shoe customisation idea isn’t enough, you get three pairs of straps free when you buy a pair of their shoes. I know! Now, if you have a small foot, you’re in luck because Conf3ss Shoes start their range at a size five and a half and go up to a ten and a half, for us girls with bigger feet (I call my own canoe feet). I also found the sizing to be true to size which is a glistening gold star for us Effortless Bitches considering buying shoes online can be a bit unpredictable and we all know what a pain sending back stock can be.

So, if you’re stuck with matching the perfect pair of shoes to your outfit, consider Conf3ss, I own a lovely pair of their wedges and sandals and the wear-in time is almost nothing so they’re great if you need them for a special event. I slipped them on and went on my merry way, no blisters in sight ,which is rare, my Effortless Bitch feet get to strut another day!


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