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As Sydney-siders start heading back to offices for staggered workdays and those working from home still have Zoom meetings to attend, I thought it would be a good time to discuss the blazer and how we can adapt it to these in-between times. So this week, let’s talk how to style a blazer casually.

Choosing Your Blazer

When you’re choosing your blazer and you want to be able to dress it down with other clothing like jeans and casual shoes, it’s a good idea to look for blazers that tick the following boxes:

Texture & Fabric: To avoid looking like you’ve tried to dress down the formal suit jacket, it’s smart to purchase a blazer in a textured fabric. One that has a little bit more grit to it. Great options for blazer fabrics are linen, thick cotton, thicker wools and even leather.

Prints: Another way to ensure your blazer looks casual enough is to buy a blazer that incorporates a print. It could be as simple as houndstooth or check or as bold as tartan or floral print.

Colour: I think when we buy the classic blazer we tend to think that it has to be black because for years we’ve been told black is a staple colour. I think the best blazer colour choice for you is a colour you already have in your casual wardrobe, that isn’t over-saturated. For example, if everything you buy tends to be black or navy, perhaps charcoal could be a great option that would work with both, or better yet, something unexpected like caramel or cornflour blue!

How To Style A Blazer Casually + Navy, Green and Floral Blazer Casual Outfit Ideas

How To Style A Blazer Casually – Continued:

Other Items That Help To Dress Down Your Blazer

When you’re pulling your looks together, there are a few items that I’ve found to be particularly helpful when trying to make a blazer look casual. Those items are:

Jeans: Because the average blazer ends at hip length or just on the upper thigh area, your jeans need to end in a contrasting place so that your upper body doesn’t look too long or saturated by your blazer.

If you opt for a mid or high-rise jean to wear with your blazer, you’ll look taller and your legs will look lovely and long with your jacket. For extra style points, hem your jeans so they’re not scrunching at your ankle and even try tucking your top in for a longer leg effect.

T-Shirts: An almost instant way to make your blazer look casual is by adding a t-shirt. To get that effortless look, the trick is to wear a t-shirt that skims the figure, rather than be overly fitted. You could funk up your look a bit by choosing a printed or graphic t-shirt instead of a plain one and this would give you an edgier look.

Thin Knitwear: If you want to wear your blazer through the seasons then you’re going to need some knitwear. Choose a jumper that is thin enough to fit comfortably under your blazer so it doesn’t pull across your arms or upper back. Nothing upsets me more in winter than strained jacket seams fighting for their life.

How To Style A Blazer Casually – Continued

Shoe Choices For Your Casual Blazer

You can easily raise or lower the formality of your blazer outfit by picking appropriate shoes.

Sneakers: If I’m just running errands or visiting a friend during the day I’ll wear some simple, slim, low cut sneakers – I’ve been flogging my Good Shoe Shop ones recently. I find pairing white sneakers with a white t-shirt under my blazer is an easy way to dress down the blazer but keep it looking smart.

Flats: A simple pointed toe flat, moccasin or loafter are versatile options to wear with a blazer, if you feel too squat wearing these with your blazer, try cuffing the bottom of your jeans or tucking in your top – it’s an instant lengthener!

Boots: I am a huge fan of ankle boots with jeans, I always opt for a nice thick heel – it doesn’t have to be high, just enough to give you a little extra length. These can then be matched with a leather belt and really pull your look together.

What did you think of this weeks video? Are you liking the topics? And what do you want to see on the channel? I’m making big lists of content ideas so please – let me know in the comments what you want to see!


  1. Avatar for Kerrie barling

    Loved this video. I have a jag floral blazer I haven’t worn for years it’s cornflour blue and a gold/beige colour out it comes. Thanks Alarna

    1. Avatar for Alarna Hope

      That sounds like a great blazer, I hope I’ve given you a few ideas for styling it!

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