How To Look Effortless – According To A Personal Stylist

How To Look Effortless | A Stylist Shares How To Create Your Own Effortless Style Wardrobe

Not every effortlessly chic woman is willing to share her best style tips for the greater good. Many new clients and people I’ve met believe that those with effortless style are just born that way, with an eye for what looks good, or seem to just wake up on the right side of the bed each morning – while the rest of the world have to just sit around hoping we don’t have lippy on our teeth.

When it comes to learning how to look effortless, the truth is that it’s obtainable to anyone of any size or shape who gives it the time and energy. Effortless style, as we know, initially is not as effortless as one may think. It takes a little research, a bit of time and patience and the ability to let go of the past. In this post, you’ll learn some of the tips I give my own clients when they ask me to teach them how to look effortless. You can implement these tips into your personal style, and soon so many of these things will become natural habits so that when you’re getting dressed and shop in the future; the effortless part comes much easier!

If Effortless Style was easy to achieve, everyone would be walking around looking fabulous. It’s going to take some perseverance, a few TimTams and maybe a bottle or five of wine, but you’ll get there.

We Put In Time And Energy To Look Effortless

My first style tip is that we put time and energy into our wardrobes and our grooming to ensure we look and feel confident and happy, so that every day, we walk out the front door as our best selves. If that means you set a bit of money aside each month to save for a good quality jacket that will last you 8 years instead of 2, or a decent watch that, while only a minor touch, will make you look more educated at work, so be it. In the end, those smarter investments will be worth it. Style is a reflection of you and you’re showing that off every day, so create a little extra time in your schedule to spend on yourself.

We Have A Style Concept

The latest trends should not be what takes up your wardrobe space. Your personal style should be evident in every item of clothing, so it’s important to create a concept of what you actually want your personal style to be. Get inspiration, jump online, make a Pinterest board or flick through magazines or photographs for inspiration. Then, have a look through your wardrobe and remove the things that don’t fit that concept. Make a list of what you’re missing.

We Buy Quality

A woman who knows how to look effortless doesn’t wear clothing that falls apart easily. It’s important to buy good quality clothing in timeless styles and to focus your statement piece shopping on accessories like necklaces, bags and shoes rather than clothing. Effortless style isn’t being peacocking or being the most on-trend person. It’s looking like you’ve got your shit together and looking damn good. As a starting point, ensure dresses and skirts are lined, shoes are leather and zippers are metal and refuse to purchase anything that is poor quality.

We Love Accessories

Accessories are the cheapest way to update a wardrobe, they can make something plain look amazing and something patterned look detailed. They’re great for quick outfit changes when you only have a few moments to change before going out after work and, if you choose the right metal (gold for warm skin tones, silver for cool) you can make your skin look even more radiant!

You should have a small collection of quality jewellery like a good watch, everyday earrings and sentimental pieces that you love. Then, when you want to add a touch of detail you should look at costume jewellery which is a very inexpensive way to keep your outfits looking effortless, while not breaking the bank. Statement jewellery, while it may be lower quality than other jewellery, still lasts years.

How To Look Effortlessly Chic | A Stylist Shares How To Create Your Own Effortless Style Wardrobe


When you are developing your own effortless style, you should aim to keep matching to a minimum. Over-doing it on the matching might mean that you wear a red skirt with a white and red blouse, red shoes and take a red bag with you. Effortless matching would be keeping things simple, like wearing jeans, a black and white polka dot shirt, a black belt with a silver buckle, a silver watch and some white sneakers. All we’ve done to make that outfit work is match the white shoes to the white shirt and matched the metals. Matching your metals is a subtle way to look put together without looking like you’ve tried too hard.


Women walking around in skirts that are too tight or wearing poorly fitted bras look like the type of effortless we’re not trying to achieve, plus they look uncomfortable. Get fitted for a bra and make sure your clothes fit you properly. If that means spending an extra $20 to get your pants hemmed to the correct length, so be it! It means that every time you put those pants on your legs will look fabulous!


When you visit the shops not knowing what you plan to get, you’ll always leave having spent money and come home with items that also don’t look thought out. Go through your wardrobe before you leave, make a list of what you need and be strict with what you let into your wardrobe. Discipline is what every person with effortless style has. An effortlessly stylish woman waits to find the perfect piece for her wardrobe and doesn’t compromise.

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