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automate your style

I admit I am a workaholic cat lady who gets a little too emotional over fabric and at the start of this year, I was forced into really considering what I wanted.

I’m not one for New Years Resolutions because I plan most aspects of my life way too much and a New Years Resolution literally seems just like another brainstorming and planning session to me. As a business owner I have a never ending to-do list of things that sometimes get checked off and sometimes don’t – and that made me think of my readers and clients and their approach to finally getting the style they want.

We all struggle for time, every single day we wish we could have an extra hour just to tick another task off. We want that work/life balance, we want to spend more time with our loved ones and eventually, some time on ourselves and the one issue I find my clients and readers having when tackling their sense of style and lifting their body confidence is that they are low on time. But where are we going to get that time if we don’t make it or at least put systems in place that help us make daily life easier?

After taking a course of automating more areas of my business and creating more of a passive income – I realised how similar the process was to helping my clients find their style. So in this blog post, I’ve narrowed down some of the things you can start doing to better your style, that will essentially create more time in your day.

So let’s have a think, could you imagine waking up and the first outfit you put on was the one you wanted to wear? Or imagine shopping for clothes quickly and coming out with things you actually love and need? Or opening up your wardrobe to a nice and neat cupboard that is easy to maintain? It sounds like something Sarah Jessica Parker would have mastered in that ‘I Don’t Know How She Does It’ movie and there’s a productive SJP in all of us – we just need to wake her up!

automate your style

Research Your Style

Most wardrobes that I meet are what I call a fad salad. A mix of different phases and fads when it comes to style. There’s a boho vibe, a tailored vibe, a girly vibe and an edgy one too. They’re often not cohesive and give people that feeling of a wardrobe full of clothes and nothing to wear. Sound familiar?

The best way to limit this feeling is to spend a little time before bed each night saving images of outfits you like. I use Pinterest for this. If you can spend about 5 minutes a night for a week, adding images of looks you’d like – you’ll find by the end of the week you have a collection of images that represent a style you like. And because style is visual thing, having a visual representation of what you want, end up turning into a guide for what to look for.

Purge Regularly

The average person does a decent clean out on their wardrobe every three years, but that’s way too long. Start to discipline yourself by having a rule that if you haven’t worn it in a year (when four seasons have passed), you donate it. It’s valuable space in your wardrobe and if you’re not wearing it, you won’t miss it.

automate your style 2

Stick To A Colour Scheme

Having too many colours in a wardrobe is like being given thirty options at a restaurant. Chicken or fish would be much easier. Limit your wardrobe to a set group of colours, my rule is no more than 7.

Plan Your Purchases & Shop In Bulk

Never go to the shops without a plan of attack and never buy one off pieces. The women with the best style have a well thought out wardrobe. Only go to the stores if you know what you need, have done a little research online and can set yourself a time limit. Wait until you need at least three things and then go. Shopping in dribs and drabs can lead to fad salads – and no one likes salad.

Make As Much Of Your Wardrobe Visible As You Can:

If you can’t see what you have, you won’t use it. Spend 10 minutes a week giving your wardrobe a tidy and arrange your wardrobe by category or colour. Colour makes it easier for you to pick different combinations and category makes it easier to segment your tasks on a daily basis. You may want to separate your wardrobe into work, going out and home clothes. This means you won’t have to filter through your wardrobe every time you get dressed.

Make these changes to your routine and I promise you that you’ll have more time to look well dressed. The fabulous part about doing this is when you are rushing about doing other things, at least you’ll look like an Effortless Bitch!

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