Casual Cold Weather Outfits For Sydney’s Temperatures

It’s been getting chilly outside and I thought since it’s raining and we’re all gearing up to waterproof our shoes (subtle reminder) why not put together some casual cold weather outfits for these dropping temperatures here in Sydney?

Restrictions started to lift this week which meant I was able to start doing some work outside of the house, which meant my home clothes needed a little sprucing up. I decided it was time to show off the casual winter capsule wardrobe I’d put together for myself, using the formulas from The Capsule Plan. I’m not normally such a casual dresser, my lifestyle outside of the pandemic is much more work clothing focused so slipping into jeans, cardigans and sneakers are different territories for me.

I wanted to share with you some tips I have on casual cold-weather outfits and dressing for shivery temperatures.

Casual Cold Weather Outfits – Essentials

Thermals: You know those skin coloured close-fitting tops and tights you can buy from the underwear and pj section of department stores? They’re often forgotten about in modern fashion but they allow you to transition a lot of your pre-winter clothing into cold-weather looks.  You can wear a thermal under a blouse, throw on some jeans and a coat feeling snug minus the bulk!

Socks: It’s the time of the year where toes turn blue and feel like icicles so we need good socks. If your socks are thinning out, have holes or the elastic in them has deteriorated – it’s time for a replacement. And you don’t just want any old socks, you want the thick ones. Look for socks with a wool component, or at least a lovely thick cotton.

Denim: Jeans are nearly everyone’s casual cold-weather outfits solution, but, I want you to look for denim that is 100% cotton. It’s not like the super stretchy stuff you find in most stores today. We’re talking jeans you wear in, that mould to your body and last years. A completely cotton pair of jeans will keep you warmer and last for many more winters to come.

Casual Cold Weather Outfits + 30 LOOKS- Winter Capsule Wardrobe Example

Knitwear: I love a chunky knit, they are so cosy and chic, whenever I’m shopping for knitwear, I’m after natural fabrics. Wool and cashmere are my favourites and they trump synthetic fabrics in comfort and last longer too.

When you’re looking this year, opt for a natural fabric and if you find your skin gets sensitive from wool, look for cashmere or mohair and slip on a long sleeve top underneath. This will stop the fabric from bothering your skin and you won’t need to clean your knitwear as regularly.

Casual Cold Weather Outfits – Choosing Shoes

When you’re picking the shoes that will go best with your casual wardrobe, boots are a no-brainer. Another option, however, is a classic, simple, sneaker.

Regardless of which type of shoe you choose, make sure the sole is well made. A thin sole will make for cold feet and often doesn’t provide much of a barrier between your sock and the wet weather. I don’t want you to have to ditch your shoes before you got all the wear out of them that you wanted, so I suggest you look for thick rubber or leather soles and, make winter the time to resole last years favourites.

What did you think of this weeks video? What else would you like to see over on my youtube channel?

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