What to Wear When Seeing Your Ex

What to wear when seeing your ex partner | Outfit ideas to see your ex in

Eek!!! We’ve all had our fair share of awkward parties where we strategically worked the room according to where our ex-was standing, in order to avoid them. So isn’t it time you work out what to wear when seeing your ex?

The way we carry ourselves changes when we reluctantly come in close proximity to our ex-partners, making our anxious minds reel and think; ‘I wish I wore something different’, ‘I want to show him how great I feel now’, ‘Do I look like mutton dressed up as lamb?’. It depends on your circumstances but there’s always one nagging thought, but for an Effortless Bitch, the outfit isn’t the problem.

Whether you ended your relationship on good or bad terms the feeling of confident progression is what we aim to portray to our exes. Is it about showing off your new partner, your cleavage or your new car because you finally got that promotion you’d been pining for after so long? No, it’s about showing how happy you are and how good you feel, it starts with feeling good from the moment you step out of that shower and slip on that outfit. So, what do you wear?

What To Wear When Seeing Your Ex - Alarna Hope gives her advice.


The first thing you need to focus on is your underwear for the exact opposite reason you may think. You don’t need to wear pretty underwear because it’s all about what you’re wearing on the outside. Unless you’re at your event with a new partner and you plan on getting a bit freaky later on. If you’re going as a single woman, you should be making like Bridget Jones and wearing the ugliest, but practical pair of knickers you can find, and like Bridget points out, they dramatically increase your chances of getting into bed with someone but once revealed look like granny undies and can be quite off-putting.

Regardless of who you choose to wear your undies for, ensure you’re picking a pair that fits properly, is preferably a smooth fabric and doesn’t create underwear lines or back fat. Once you’ve got that down, you’re free to move on to the next step.


This is not the time to wing it or hope inspiration will strike. If your wardrobe usually gives you a hard time, then this tip is especially for you. Have your outfit planned out, and that includes trying it on with shoes and the lot. If you just lay in bed the night before and think ‘yep, I’ll wear that skirt and top’ it’s very likely that the sleepy state you were in when you had that bright idea will show up in your outfit and you’ll leave your house feeling frazzled before you’ve even arrived at your event.

Part of the planning means that you should at least shave your legs, extra points for un-chipped nail polish and even more points for groomed brows.

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Whether you want him back, or want to show him what he lost and how much better off you are, you need to pick a certain feature of yours and accentuate it. This could be your collar bone, your eyes, your legs or your arms, or any body part that you love, that feels appropriate to show and can be accentuated by clothing and/or accessories.

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Every woman should have a pair of comfortable heels, I call them my running heels and I wear them to all sorts of events like sales, parties and food sample stalls at Costco. If you can run in them, they’re perfect because it means they’ll be comfortable enough to walk, dance or stand in for long periods of time. Plus, if he bugs you, you can make a speedy exit.


And when I say your colour, I mean YOUR colour. What colour do you look amazing in? Do you have a dress or top in your wardrobe that just makes your skin glow? Perfect, wear that. Even if you’ve had a long day at work and you’re heading out to an event after where you’re likely to run into your ex, if you’re wearing your colour your complexion will lift incredibly.

TIP: It’s important to remember that you need to impress yourself first before anyone else, so make sure you leave the house feeling fantastic and that confidence will make your outfit much more fierce. Go get em’ girl!

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