What To Wear When You Work From Home

what to wear when you work from home

Studies have shown that those who work from home and get dressed like they’re going to an office, complete with hair and makeup, have a higher productivity rate than those who stay in their pyjamas or make little effort to get dressed.

So what does this leave you with? The feeling that you shouldn’t worry because no one is going to see you anyway? Or the feeling that maybe it’s time to rethink your morning routine before you step into your home office? I hope you think the latter because the benefits of getting properly dressed for a day working at home can be great.

Not only can your productivity increase because you actually feel like you’re going to work, but you’ll also get the otherwise uncomfortable opportunity to wear in any shoes you may have sitting in your wardrobe because they’re just too uncomfortable!

Work From Home Capsule Wardrobe | Zoom Meeting Friendly! LOOKBOOK!

With working from home becoming a more popular choice for employers and the need to jump on zoom calls or conference calls, or perhaps have a few client-facing days sprinkled in amongst your work routine, it’s time to have a think about what to wear when working from home and how you can get the most use out of what you already own.

I’m not saying to put on a suit here, but you do need to work out what the balance is between work clothes for outside of the house and work clothes for inside the house. What’s going to be comfortable, what doesn’t take too much upkeep and what will make you feel good? These are all things to consider when picking your working-from-home wardrobe.

On the days when I’m not with clients, I’m in my office and I have on rotation a few good items that allow me to duck across the road for a coffee or jump on a skype call with a client.

They also allow me to feel super comfortable and don’t have me looking super crushed at the end of the day, which is perfect, because if I’ve spent the entire day in the office at home – I’ll be heading out at night, even if it’s just to a friends place or to catch up on some grocery shopping.

What should I wear?

If your new work from home lifestyle includes you jumping on calls that include video, or you know each week you might need to pop out for some meetings then having a few tailored pieces will help to dress up your more casual pieces. You might have a great blazer hanging on the back of your office chair that you can slip on when you’re about to jump on zoom call, or a pair of black classic pants for jumping out to meet someone.

Remember that if you are on video calls, your waist up appearance is very important, hair should be done, if you normally wear makeup to work then do your make up, make sure that if there’s a chance you might need to stand up in your video that your lower half looks presentable too.

This week I put together a work from home capsule wardrobe that you can check out above in my recent youtube video!

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