How To Wear Spanx In Summer

how to wear spanx in summer

While summer usually requires less fabric, one thing we can get really stuck with is visible panty lines because summer fabrics are usually thinner when our backsides remain the same.

Now, I don’t like to rely on spanx to make a dress look good, but sometimes a few Magnum Egos and jars of Nutella force me to when I have a summer event to go to and I plan to wear something a little more clingy.

Now, wearing shape wear doesn’t have to be about sweating uncontrollably and worrying about accidentally waxing your hair off when those rubber strips that keep them in place shift. Technology, and many women who like a little jiggling, are making shape wear better and easier to wear when the hot weather hits you like a hot wet fish. So, naturally, I’m going to fill in you in on that.

how to wear spanx in summer

But, before we dive in to what shape wear is going to be the most suitable for warmer weather, it’s important to look at other alternatives first so you’ve got other options and you’re not always relying on wearing spanx in summer:

Seam Free Knickers: They’re hideous, I know. Nude seam free undies can repel a man faster than telling him you’re time of month has hit you hard. So, if you don’t mind a pair of undies that aren’t meant to be seen, a good high rise pair of granny knickers can solve your problems. Pick a style that has a wide cut backside so you’re not having any lines along your bottom and make sure you go for a size that will skim and not cut you in places that don’t need cutting.

A Slip: These old fashioned garments are a fabulous essential to any woman’s wardrobe and are much more comfortable than sucker-inners. I would recommend pairing these with seam free underwear for a smoother look, these slips are great if you’re trying to hide back bulges from bras, that dip you sometimes get in dresses from belly buttons and they’re also a great barrier between you and your dress if you do tend to sweat.

how to wear spanx in summer

Sizing: When shopping for shape wear, it’s so important to get the right size. It’s the difference between a smooth surface and a bumpy one. You don’t want to have a smooth area where the shape wear is and along the edges have bulges because it’s too tight. Shape wear is best when you pick your size, or even go one size up.

Skirt Over Shorts: Don’t go with the shorts style, you will regret it and you’ll have many dramas when you need to go to the loo. The skirt feels cooler on and it’s less noticeable when moving.

My Recommended Brands: Nancy Ganz and Ambra both have lighter ranges of shape wear at the moment and I use these regularly with clients who need shape wear but still want to be comfortable. These aren’t as heavy and they breathe much easier than regular shape wear. And remember, bring your garment along to try on with the dress – don’t risk having any nude elastic peeking out – because even though, as women, we all know each other are wearing shape wear, we’re still supposed to keep it a secret.

Until next time, stay fabulous! xx

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