5 Style Tips For New Years Eve

5 Stylist Tips For Your New Years Eve Outfit: Fashion Stylist Alarna Hope shares her fashion tips and hacks for getting the perfect NYE outfit!

The size of our clutch to phone ratio is no longer the only problem us Effortless Bitches face when preparing for party season.

Over December and the New Year we’re subjected to long hours of dancing, shimmying or awkwardly standing along the side of the dance floor in heels that, if given our time over, we wouldn’t have worn. Our foreheads become so shiny that our friends don’t bother waiting for the line up to the bathroom to check their makeup because they can clearly see themselves just by looking at us and, our spanx become more reliable than the morning after pill because, lets face it, those things aren’t coming off without a chainsaw and some butter. So, because party season is fast approaching, I’ve decided to list my top essentials to help you get through it effortlessly. Take notes.

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The Portable Charger

This isn’t an in-car charger or anything that needs to be plugged into a wall in order to charge your phone. This little techno wiz can be plugged into your phone when it starts to die and if you’ve got an iphone, you’ll know that the battery life isn’t as long as most other phones, so if you plan on snapchatting, instagraming, texting your ex or ordering yourself an uber when it’s time to go home, get yourself a portable charger. You can buy all different sizes which is perfect for your clutch bag.

Mini Baby Powder Bottle

Perfect for anyone who gets sweaty feet, is up for a lot of walking in heels or will be practicing her moonwalk on the dance floor. A little bit of baby powder, either in a small bottle or small ziplock bag (beware of bag searchers at nightclubs, white powdery substances in ziplock bags can look a little suspicious) will work wonders when your feet start to sweat. Put some over your feet and lightly rub it in so it covers  your foot, then step back into your shoe. This will help to stop your foot from slipping around your favourite party heels!

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Blister Spray

Nothing ruins a night more than blisters and cuts on your feet from your shoes, so invest in a little blister spray, it acts like a shield between your shoe and foot, is clear and helps to prevent rubbing and irritation from shoes. You can buy this spray in bottles about the size of a nail polish bottle from your local chemist.


If you plan on staying the night with someone, or you think it’s likely to happen, get some Spundies, you can find them online and come in a little container that is the perfect size for concealing in your clutch bag. They’re a spare set on underwear, available in nude, black or white and the container they come in is compact and small so they’re great to hold onto if you’re planning on staying out all night and want to change your underwear the next morning when you’re not going home straight away.

Blotting Paper

Sometimes we do so much sashaying that our T-Zones start to look like the hall of mirrors. That’s okay, there is a fix for Effortless Bitches. Get some blotting paper, keep it in your clutch bag or wallet and use it to soak up the shine so that, in photos, your forehead can be clearly distinguished from the strobe lights.

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