Spring Racing Fashion Tips From A Personal Stylist

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I actually love the races, but more for entertainment value. Every time I think of the Melbourne Cup, or any horse racing event, I think of Kath and Kim.

That episode where they go to the races, drink a little too much Tia Maria, then they throw up their footy franks and try to sneak into one of the marquees where all the well heeled folks of Fountain Gate mingle.

I actually feel like it’s not far off that in real life, and it’s made any easier by the uneven ground that heels detest, or small amounts of finger food and large amounts of alcohol that take the word bloated to a whole new level. It’s a tough event to really get right, be comfortable at and come away with photos that you’ll actually want to frame or post online.

So I’ve decided to round up my top tips to make it easer for those of you who are planning a gorgeous spring day at the races.

Spring Racing Fashion Tips For Effortless Bitches

Pick The Best Shoes: There is nothing more frustrating when you’re at an event than having uncomfortable shoes. At the races, you’re often walking mostly along softer surfaces and uneven ground so opting for a shoe style with a thick heel and even an ankle strap can help to keep you upright, or purchase some heel stoppers to stop your stilettos from pricking holes in the grass.

Choose A Head Piece That’s Durable: The beginning of the races is often the best part, but by the end of the day, I see lots of half done hairstyles because the band of the head piece has been bothering its wearer, it’s too heavy or it’s too tall that the wind keeps knocking it over. Consider day long comfort when choosing a head piece and remember that it’s not about size, it’s about chicness.

Find A Clutch For Your Phone: What we often forget is that even though our phones may be thin these days, they’re still rather large and don’t fit in regular box shape clutch bags. If you plan to take you phone, a lipstick and some cards to the races, make sure you consider your phones size when looking for a clutch.

Refrain From Suede & Satin Shoes: When choosing a shoe to wear, remember that the ground is likely to be a little soft, therefore, choosing suede, satin or silk could leave water marks on your shoes. Opt for something that can be cleaned easily.

Hire A Dress: If you’re not one to need a cocktail dress often, save yourself some money and hire a dress. Places like Your Closet, Get Dressed Hire and Lo and La Studio are all great options.

Strike Up A Balance: Many of the spring racing events have a dress code, it’s important you know what it is, but if you’re unsure, it’s best to always strike up a balance between sexy and conservative. Too much bare flesh can result in you being turned away at the gates!

If you liked this post, you’ll probably also like our other Makeup Tips For Race Day, Have you got any spring races fashion tips to share with us? Let me know in the comments below!

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