5 Reasons Why Shopping In Bulk Is Smarter

5 reasons to shop in bulk | A Personal Shopper shares advice for men and women who hate shopping but want effortless style.

If you’re like the majority of the population who shops for clothes in dribs and drabs, shopping in bulk probably seems a bit strange, not to mention, time consuming.

Most of my clients hate shopping and I can understand why, the lines, the people, the mirrors and fitting room lighting. The ‘Oh my god, you look great it in that!’ girl who will say that to you if you’re wearing a tablecloth (as long as the store sells it). Shopping for most people can be a bit of a task. I get it – I really do!

So that’s why I don’t shop for clothing in dribs and drabs, for myself or my clients. It’s never a case of ‘Oh what a cute top, I’ll get that.’ I always wait until I have multiple things to buy and the money to buy those things with, then I’ll head out with a plan. So, because the stores are starting to get coats in already (nuts, right?!) and because you’re going to get the craving to shop again, I’m here to airlift you to safety and tell you to put that wallet down. Step away from the rack and so help me god, tell the shop assistant you don’t want to buy another canvas bag to go with your purchase. You don’t need all that.

You just need a little wisdom and a few good reasons why you should start shopping in bulk. Let’s get started!

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5 Reasons To Start Shopping For Clothing In Bulk

1. You Can Mix & Match More

Imagine if you shopped for groceries the same way you do for clothes. Little bits here and there, but when you tried to cook a meal you couldn’t remember what you already had and you just got fed up and ordered take away. Think of shopping for clothes in the same way, it’s far easier to shop in bulk, once or maybe twice a year and know that what you get matches together – rather than buying things when you feel like it. If you shop for items together, you can remember what colours you’re choosing and you’re less likely to double up on items and you’re more likely going to come home with pieces that go together well.

2. You’ll Save Money

According to Roy Morgan Research, the average woman wastes $1200 a year on clothing that she doesn’t wear. Think about the holiday (or more amazing clothing) you could put that towards. Set yourself a budget, allow a 10% buffer in that budget for unexpected fashion true-love and you’ll find yourself with a better wardrobe and more money in your wallet at the end of the year. By shopping in bulk, you can see exactly where your money is going and eliminate wasted funds.

3. It Will Be Easier To Get Ready Of A Morning

Can you imagine feeling more excited about which outfit you’re going to wear, over which one will just do? Not only is being more excited about your outfits a huge bonus, but having more time to yourself in the morning because everything matches means you’ll get to style your hair more, eat breakfast out or go for a morning stroll before work! When you’re shopping in bulk, you’re creating a capsule wardrobe, a small selection of clothing that’s highly interchangeable and practical. Say hello to blissful mornings!

4. You’ll Have A Sense Of Style

This is all a shopper wants, to have their own sense of style and look the part even on a day when they’re feeling a bit blah. Shopping in bulk means that you’ll be forced to consider things like colour schemes, what goes together and what feels like you – so that by the time you walk out of that mall – you’re ready to say goodbye to those fads in your wardrobe and hello style!

5. Impulse Purchases Won’t Be So Bad

You know when your emotions get the better of you and you just need to shop – we’ve all been there (regularly). At least by shopping in bulk, when you do have a moment of weakness, you’re more likely to have clothing that will work back with that impulsive purchase. Now, if that doesn’t take retail therapy to a whole new level, I don’t know what will!

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