Shoes For Wide Feet & Where To Get Them!

Where To Buy Shoes For Wide Feet | Wide Fit Shoes | Alarna Hope Shares Her Fashion And Shopping Tips

With the current selection of shoes in stores being mainly pointed and narrow toe – what do the women with wider feet or bunions have to choose from? To the untrained eye, not much! But as a Stylist, I come up with this issue with clients often.

Bunions and wide feet aren’t just a thing that comes with age, you can have these problems at any age and that’s why I wrote this post. If you love shoes, want to expand your collection or are sick of wearing shoes that look like they’re made for comfort, you’ve come to the right place – as per usual- because I’ve got some exciting news to share with you.

I’ve been making lists again, and shoes for wide feet are on my list.

This list will provide you with a healthy dose of shopping motivation and hopefully, it will give you the push you need to consider your current shoe collection. You don’t have to wear those shoes that look like you’re about to go gardening in your elasticised capris, you can now strut your stuff in some glorious options that can be found either in store, online or both! If you’ve got any brands to add to this list, we’ll constantly update it as we come across more – so feel free to leave a comment below with your recommendations!

In-Store Options

Online Options

What If Your Shoes Are Just A Touch Too Tight?

Sometimes, one foot is wider than the other, or there might be one pain point in your shoes that just want to give you grief. I found a great stretching spray when I was working in footwear as a teenager. I’d constantly have sore feet from wearing new shoes in and shoes with seams across the toe would be extra painful. One day, I’d had enough so I limped down to another shoe store during my lunch break and asked them if they had any extra shoe care that our store didn’t have and they delivered! Wanted Shoes has this spray that works within the hour and I stock up on it because I’m worried that with my luck they’ll stop selling it- or worse, discontinue it completely and myself and all my clients will be left with shoes so snug, not even a high kick will flick them across the room!

This is it below and I would recommend you do a little stocking up also!

shoes for wide feet

Looking To Expand More Than Just Your Shoe Collection?

Who Isn’t?

If you’re in need of a wardrobe update, want to expand on your options and end the day feeling on top of the world – maybe I can help! I offer Personal Styling services to those wanting to do exactly that and the best part about it is – you not only end up saving money, but you come out with a unique style you’ll love, at the end of it!


  1. Avatar for GlassesShop

    love them all!

  2. Avatar for saphym

    Thanks so much for putting this guide up! I’ve had severe bunions since about 4 and this is helpful, much appreciated 🙂

    1. Avatar for ALARNA HOPE

      No problem, I’ll be adding more as brands change and new options come available so check back every now and then for more options! 🙂

  3. Avatar for Rosie

    Thanks for this list. I’m wondering if you’ve had any experience with Rollie shoes. Are the comfortable for people with wider feet?

    1. Avatar for ALARNA HOPE

      Hello Rosie,
      Rollie’s aren’t typically a wide fit shoe, I find they’re a little hit and miss. I do have a few clients who have wide feet that quite like them, one particularly who is quite wide and flat-footed, so give them a try in a store- every foot is different but they may work for you!
      Alarna x

  4. Avatar for Charise Braga

    Ziera shoes is another brand for wider, longer feet.

    1. Avatar for ALARNA HOPE

      Thanks Charise, I’ll add them to the list! x

  5. Avatar for Val Wilson

    Unfortunately l have gout in my left foot above the big toe …. l have been wearing a flat black shoe which is laced from the toe to ankle like a short boot so l can control the swelling but they are wearing out …size 10 have you anything like this in black ?? Val aged 81

    1. Avatar for ALARNA HOPE

      Hello Val, Thank you for reading! It can be hard to find the perfect shoe for your situation in mind. I don’t sell shoes but I can recommend heading into a Peter Sheppard store to find something suitable. You might even see, with the current season change some elastic front shoes and lace-up sandals. Good luck on your search! x

  6. Avatar for Evelyn Kilmartin

    Hi, Do you have any reccomondations for ladies that had Wide and thicker feet at the same time! Its horrible and I can never find shoes that are also thick enough in width while being wide enough 🙁

    1. Avatar for Alarna Hope

      Hello Evelyn,

      I can imagine that would difficult when shopping for shoes. In summer, elastic front shoes would be a good thing to try if you haven’t already. Instead of shopping for a wide fit, shop for an extra wide fit, this should give you a little extra room all the way around. Opt for elastic or leather instead of fabric that won’t stretch. Hush Puppies offer extra-wide as does Peter Sheppard. If you’re based in Sydney, there’s two excellent shoe shops called 124 Shoes and A McDonald, that do custom shoes. If you don’t have boots for winter or just a good pair of everyday shoes you love and want to invest – I recommend this store. They’re amazing at what they do.

  7. Avatar for ASH Green

    Insanely comprehensive 🙂

    Thank you so much,
    Now I have something to read during the holidays. This will take a while but well worth it like always.

  8. Avatar for Carmel

    Looking for wide sandals for my 15 year old granddaughter , cant get any shoes to fit her

    looking for some nice young style.

    1. Avatar for Alarna Hope

      Hello Carmel, it can be hard finding the younger women’s styles, I agree. It would be best to get her foot width checked so you know which fitting sizw to shop for, then visit a place like Peter Sheppard where they carry a range of widths. I hope that helps!

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