Plus Size Fashion Rules You Should Break Today

plus size fashion rules to throw in the bin

When looking good only seems possible when the idea is attached to a certain size or body shape, it takes the fun right out of style and makes you feel like you’ve got less options. So instead of focusing on a number, focus on a feeling; confidence.


As a Stylist, I hear those seven words constantly. It’s like an annoying song on repeat that stays locked in your mind and keeps you up at night. I’ve never known what it’s like to be a size fourteen, sixteen or more, but I know how to dress women who fit this body formula and that’s all it is. It’s a formula, a size tag that no one else sees but every woman can agree that picking up that larger size off the rack messes with our confidence when there’s a lack of ‘style rules’ available for curvier women.

I’ve seen women break down about their bodies, about the cellulite that’s formed on their upper thigh or about the fact that they’re the most full-figured one out of their friends and they hate that their friends always get to dress so much better then them.

I’ve also seen the way that breaking the pedestrian rules of fashion and style can make someone feel rebelliously confident and sexy. But in order to break the rules, we need to know what they are. What are you told not to wear when you’ve got larger thighs or a stomach? Why can’t you show more skin or slim fitting garments, what’s the problem with that?

It’s time to rewrite these rules.


Horizontal Stripes

And you can wear them together! The trick to wearing both is to wear the horizontal stripes on an area where you’d like more curves. So, if that’s your bust, wear them there or if that’s your backside, step into a lovely horizontally striped skirt and sashay and shimmy your way past all those people that said ‘horizontal stripes will make your butt look big’.

Pencil skirts, on the other hand, do wonders for women with curves, but it all starts with the right underwear. Think of it like the foundation to a house, without proper foundations, the house will not be well supported nor will it look good.

So, what I’m really saying is, ditch the underwear lines, pick a pair of high-rise (cue seamless granny pants, aka life-savers, aka man repellers) briefs and even a pair of stockings if that helps you to feel more supported and then wear your pencil skirt over the top. Pick a skirt that starts at the smallest part of your waist and ends at the kink of your knee to get the most amazing looking set of pins on the planet.



Shut the front door. I know, it’s a big shock to the waif like mannequin wearing that gorgeous dress in the front of that store you keep walking past, but yes, like every other woman on the planet, you can wear figure hugging and leggy dresses, at the same time if you want to, regardless of whether you’re a size 6 or 16.

It comes down to choosing the right fabric, length and cut and feeling confident enough to step outside looking drop dead Effortlessly Bitchy. If you are a little self conscious of your legs, choose a dress with a thigh split, these are fantastic because you’ll only show off a little sliver of skin but you’ll be oozing beautiful legginess. If you’re a little more conscious of your stomach, opt for a wrap style dress, a dress in a dark colour or wear an eye catching necklace that sits up high on your chest.


mixing prints on plus size fashion

Who ever said you can’t needs an intimidating look up and down, mixing prints and taking risks with fashion is what makes style. Sometimes it can go incredibly wrong but with the right eye and a hint of confidence, you’ll pull it off just fine. Start by mixing small and big prints, don’t mix two large prints or two small prints unless you’re a seasoned mixer. Keep the colour palette similar and add block colours to tone it down if you’re not feeling as daring.

Now that you’ve had these rules rewritten for you, it’s time to rewrite some for yourself! Comment below with the rules you’ll be breaking and if you’re really feeling disobedient, send a snap or two on Facebook showing your fellow Effortless Bitches just how daring you are!


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