Mistakes You’re Making In The Fitting Room

Avoid making these classic mistakes and learn Fashion Stylist, Alarna Hope's style tips for shopping the right way!

We all hate the fitting rooms, no one is excluded here. I’m not like one of those people that tells you I love it (just because I’m a strong advocate for trying before buying) when I secretly hate it.

The fitting rooms of retailers are horrendous, not because of the lighting; especially the type that gives you a Bohemian Rhapsody worthy shadow, or because of the line ups (and the sense of urgency that follows) and not because of “Oh my god, you look great! We don’t have the size you want, but this is perf!” – Cindy from the other side of the fitting room door who will drop you like a hot potato the second you show signs you’re not buying. No, these aren’t my reasons for hating fitting rooms. While all these things suck, there is a much bigger reason.

I hate fitting rooms because they’re so easy to make bad choices in. It’s like when your doctor says to slow down your sugar intake but you live across the road from a cake shop. It’s near impossible, but mainly just very hard to get your head around and commit to.

Fitting rooms are the same, they’re designed to help us try before we buy, but even after trying some clothing we can’t help but feel we’re a lost cause. WHY DOES NOTHING SEEM TO BE WORKING! So, I’m here to wave my magic cocktail ring and make things a little easier so that you can make much better choices in the fitting room.

fitting room mistake


Take More Than One Size:

Brands differ with sizing, so don’t let yourself get into the fitting room with one size and then have to get changed again, get the next size and wait for another fitting room. By taking more than one size in you’ll be able to determine the best fit for you without all the extra hassle.

Don’t Assume Your Size:

Like I’ve mentioned in the previous point, brands differ with sizing, so don’t just assume you’re a 12 if you’re always a 12. I can range between a 6 and a 12, depending on the brand – be mindful that the tags numbers mean nothing and don’t get upset if you have to pick up the bigger size. It’s not you, it’s them.

Move Around:

When we’re in a fitting room, we tend to forget what clothing was invented for. We’re meant to be able to move around (somewhat comfortably) in it. Sit down, kick your legs, spin around and shimmy to make sure it’s Effortless Bitch approved and you’ll be all set to move on to step four.

Don’t Imagine:

It’s easy to fall in love with an item and throw all thoughts of practicality out the window, but at least make sure you have items to match. The best thing you can do is take some basics in with you that are similar to what you own so that you can get a better idea of how it will work with what you’ve got. And if you don’t have those basics, maybe you should be prioritising your purchases.

Check The Fit:

Thinking that if it does up, it must fit, is a silly thought and you should sober up before shopping. Just because an item zips up, buttons up, laces up, etc, does not mean it’s the perfect fit. Look for pull marks or exposed stitching to see if the item is too tight. Any indication that it is should prompt you to get the next size up. If that size is too big in some areas but perfect in others and you love it, get it altered. It’s always smarter to alter the bigger size than the smaller size. You won’t run out of fabric and you won’t get stitching marks on your newly altered clothing.

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