Measure Yourself For Online Shopping

Measure Yourself For Online Shopping

measure your inseam size for shopping online for jeans

Because sizing isn’t standard anymore and shopping online excites you too much, knowing your measurements is just as important as knowing how to tie your shoe laces.


Step aside, That Effortless Bitch is showing you how to take your measurements this week!


What You’ll Need:


– A measuring tape

– A friend

– Fitted clothing to wear

– Pen & Paper

how to take your bust measurements



Unless you’re buying an item with a bra built in or you’re measuring for a bra or corset, you should wear a great everyday bra when you’re measuring your bust. Wrap the tape around your upper and ensure the tape wraps across the fullest part of your bust which is usually the nipple line. This will give you your bust measurement.

how to measure your waist



Stand in front of the mirror, front on and bend to the side. Where your waist creases naturally is where you need to wrap the measuring tao. Ensure that the tape is sitting at the smallest part of your waist and that it’s flat and straight against your body.

how to measure your hips



Wrap the tape around the fullest part of your hips, this should be just above or on the hip bone. Where the tape overlaps, record the number as your hip measurement.

how to measure your hips



Stand with your feet together and wrap the tape around the tops of your thighs. Make sure the tape is sitting straight and flush against your body.

how to measure your inseam



There are two ways to do this, if you don’t have a friend to help you, the first way will be easiest. Pick out a pair of pants from your wardrobe that are the right length for you and fold them in half. Lay them down flat on a smooth surface and use your tape to measure from the crotch seam to the end of the pant to get your inseam amount.


If you do have a friend to help you, put the pants on and hold the top end of the tape against the seam of the crotch while your friend measures to your ankle bone (a cropped pant or skinny jean) or just past your ankle (a wide leg pant or straight cut jean). Make sure you’re wearing the right shoes to be measured in, heels if you plan on always wearing your pants with heels or flats if you want to wear them with those.

how to measure your shoulders



To measure your shoulders, have a friend stand behind you while you stand front on with a straight back. Have your friend measure from the edge of each shoulder to get the correct size.

how to measure your sleeve length



For your sleeve length, halve the last measurement you took and write it down. Then measure from the top of your shoulder and down to your wrist bone. Slightly bend your elbow (best measurement taken when you put your hand on your hip) when doing this to allow for arm movements. Add the two numbers together to get your sleeve length.

how to measure your sleeve width



When measuring your arm width, it’s important that the shirt you’re wearing isn’t too thick or your may end up purchasing a garment with sleeves that are too wide. Wrap the tape around the fullest part of your bicep, this will give you your arm width measurement.






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