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It’s perfect weather for winter wools and when we’re wearing them so often, knowing how to wash cashmere at home, and other delicate wools can save you costly trips to the dry cleaners!

This week over on my YouTube channel I wanted to show you all how to wash cashmere at home, but we can use this method for mohair, merino, alpaca and wool and acrylic blends too. I wash all of my wools using this method and have found it to be a gentle alternative to the harsh chemicals dry cleaners use.

Cashmere Sweater Care | How To Wash Wool At Home + FAQ!

How to wash cashmere at home – by hand.

What you’ll need:

  • A small tub, bucket or sink filled with cool water.
  • Baby shampoo.
  • A towel.
  • A clotheshorse or table.
  • Measuring tape.
  • Pen and paper.


  • Lay your cashmere item out flat on a table. Take your measuring tape and measure from the top of your garment to the bottom of your garment and write the length down. Repeat for the width of your garment.
  • Lay a towel out flat on a table nearby.
  • Fill a tub or sink with cool water. Add baby shampoo to your water, to wash one article of clothing 1-2 pumps of baby shampoo is often plenty. Use your hand to mix the water and shampoo together.
  • Place your garment in the water and check it’s fully immersed. Let your garment soak for five minutes.
  • When you return, gently massage the garment in the water to release any extra dirt that’s stuck in your garment. Don’t pull or rub the garment against itself.
  • Gently gather the garment together into a ball, and press it with your hands to remove excess water. Do not wring your garment or it will stretch. Put aside and change your water to fresh water.
  • Return your garment to the tub of clean water and gently massage the garment to remove any excess soap or dirt. Gather the cashmere garment into a ball and press it with your hands to remove excess water.
  • Move your garment onto the towel and gently unfold it until it’s flat. Refer to your measurements to shape it back to its original size.
  • You can leave your garment drying flat on your table, to speed up the process, move your garment on its towel to a clothes horse so air can circulate around it.

How to wash cashmere at home

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I put cashmere in the dryer?

You should not put any wool garments in the dryer. This will cause them to shrink and felt.

Can I wash merino, alpaca, mohair and other wools using this method?

I wash all of my wools using this method. If you’re ever unsure, it’s best to send your garment to a professional for cleaning or test out this method on a garment you don’t love as much.

Can I put cashmere and other wools in the washing machine?

Washing machines can be harsh on your clothing, it’s best to wash your wools by hand. If your machine has a delicate wool setting, you can use the washing machine but remember to use cool water on a short cycle (15 minutes) and put your garment in a delicates bag before turning on your machine.

What happens if I wash cashmere or wool in hot water?

It will shrink and felt. Avoid hot water when washing your clothing as it can cause colours to fade and garments to shrink. Cool water is always best for washing clothes.

What baby shampoo do you use to wash cashmere at home?

Johnsons Baby Shampoo, I purchase mine from the supermarket.

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