How To Shop The Boxing Day Sales

How To Shop The Boxing Day Sales: Don't go overboard this boxing day, learn a fashion stylists shopping tips and hacks for getting what you really need.

Being a Fashion Stylist, you could say that I never actually left retail because a big part of my job is finding items for clients.

However, back when I did work in retail, I worked every boxing day sale and it wasn’t pretty, mainly because it’s filled with women who don’t know how to shop the boxing day sales like an Effortless Bitch would.

Picture women with work out clothes on, not because they’re going to the gym but because on this day of all days, they’re ready for blood, sweat and tears. It’s not because of weight loss, a thigh gap or anything to actually benefit their health, they’re there for your blood, sweat and tears and it’s 6am, they’ve been lining up for hours, they’re not even wearing makeup, it’s that serious.

Let me tell you now, the chance that you’ll make it out of this without at least one person running over your foot with a trolley is unlikely. So why do we put ourselves through this? Need I remind you that the whole reason these clothes are discounted at such crazy prices is because it’s stock that no one wanted from seasons ago. It’s the left overs that the retailers are hoping you’ll take home so they can bring in all the shiny new clothes two weeks later that you’d wished you waited for, because really, you’ve just purchased things that aren’t even in season. So, should we even shop the boxing day sales at all? And what should we look out for?

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If you don’t mind the crowds, people getting changed in front of you and the odd brawler in a pencil skirt, then yes, you should shop the boxing day sales, but only for the basics. The boxing day sales are the best for shopping the basics, stock up on t-shirts, jeans, cardigans and basic coloured tanks, don’t buy into the statement pieces because, chances are, you settled on them because you had money to spend and there was nothing better on offer, plus, they’re only there because people chose not to buy them when they first came out. For a reason.

So, instead of buying the pieces that were hot two seasons ago, go to the shops with a plan of what you actually need and set yourself a budget. Get the cash out so you know you can’t go over and look out for the letters PTC, this means price to clear and often it means that the items are non refundable.  And remember to ask yourself, do I need this? Or am I buying last years style?

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