How To Pick The Right Accessories For Your Suit

How to pick the right accessories for your suit | Men's suiting advice

You got the fit right, but styling your suit doesn’t stop there.

Looking good is all in the details, which is why picking the right accessories for your suit is important. Today’s post is all about getting those accessories perfect, I’ll show you what ties to look for and point out a few lesser known styling tips that can make a big impact on your outfit.

First, let’s talk about what accessories you have to choose from when decking out your look. Ties are a no-brainer, but around this part of your suit you’ve also go tie bars, lapel pins and pocket squares. Moving down you’ve got cufflinks and a well-made belt or suspenders, and there are even coloured or printed socks if you’re into it.


When you pick a tie, you should always find a thickness that matches the style of your suit. Slim fit suits with skinny lapels look amazing with skinny ties, think Mike Ross or Joseph Gordon Levitt. A more traditional suit will have a peak or notch lapel and a tie that isn’t too thick but isn’t thin like a skinny tie, these ties are what you see in most suiting stores, like MJ Bale or Farage.

How to pick the right accessories for your suit | Men's suiting advice


Anytime you add something metal to your outfit, you should keep it consistent with other metals. For example, if you pick a silver tie bar and also wear cufflinks, the metal on those cufflinks should also be silver. If your accessories have consistent metals, your outfit will look better put together.

Tie bars and clips are a great way to add a little detail to your outfit, particularly when you want attention to be closer to your face. Remember that tie bars and clips were designed to hold your tie to your shirt, so they should be positioned on a horizontal angle between the third and fourth button on your shirt. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t wear a tie bar that’s wider than your tie – that won’t look too fab.Your lapel pins are a nice detail to add for formal occasions like weddings and the races. It’s important not to go too overboard with the accessories when we wear them as too many accessories mixed with print and colour can look too busy.

How to pick the right accessories for your suit | Men's suiting advice


Pocket squares, either plain or printed are a lovely way to add width to a suit and take your suit to the next level. You can wear a pocket square with casual and formal suits, but picking the right colour or print can seem daunting. When it doubt, white works a treat, it’s both casual and formal and looks great in multiple folds. If you decide to go with a colour, it should work with your tie. Try picking one that’s printed, if your tie is a solid colour, or vice versa. Or, if you like to mix print, make sure your two prints are completely different in size, but share a like colour.


If your suit is a modern, formal suit, it’s likely it has side adjusters and you don’t need a belt, but plenty of suit brands still offer suiting with belt loops. When there are belt loops, always match the belt to your shoes. When your pants are higher waisted or represent a style from a certain decade, make sure you buy good quality suspenders to hold up your pants, that won’t damage your pants waistband.Some suit trousers have loops or buttons on them that are designed specifically with the use of suspenders in mind. Just make sure you adjust your suspenders so they’re comfortable and aren’t going to pull on your fabric too much. Go with a colour that either contrasts with your suit, or matches the colour of your suit.


In the last few years, printed socks have become more and more popular, sending men into stores to buy the brightest printed socks they can find to wear with their suiting. These are a fun break away from black but should be worn in the right environments, for example, overly bright socks aren’t always a good choice for conservative workplaces.When picking your socks, choose a colour that you’ve already included elsewhere in your outfit. This could be a navy printed sock if you’ve got a blue suit, or a dark red printed pair of socks if your tie is dark red. Just ensure that the colour is not completely different from everything else you’re wearing so your socks aren’t standing out for the wrong reasons.Have you decided to style your suit in a different way? Perhaps try a new tie or a fun pair of socks? Tell me all about it!

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