Hiring A Personal Stylist – What To Know Before You Start

How to hire a Personal Stylist | Everything you need to know before hiring a personal stylist or fashion stylist.

All you need to know about hiring a personal stylist or image consultant before you let them into your wardrobe.

This week I wanted to share with you what you need to know before hiring a Personal Stylist and letting them into your wardrobe because believe it or not, not every client is a perfect fit for a Personal Stylist.

A wardrobe is a private space, it’s a reflection of you and the way you dress affects the way you feel about yourself. So if you’re hiring a stylist to look and feel better, then you and your Stylist need to be on the same playing field and that’s what this article is about, understanding what you need to do for your stylist and what they’re there to do for you.

The Desired Outcome

It’s always important when you engage the services or even enquire with a Personal Stylist that you know what you want to get out of it. Do you want to feel more confident with your body? Do you simply want to take the stress out of putting outfits together that look great? Is that new job making your old work wardrobe look, well, old? It could be all of those things and more, but letting your stylist know from the start what you want out of the session is a great way to get to the finish line looking fantastic. You can also find out upon enquiring if your stylist can help you with what you’re after.

Hiring A Personal Stylist -What To Know Before Choosing Your Personal Fashion Stylist


Some Stylists work for or have an affiliation with companies that give them an incentive if their client purchases particular items or items. It’s like a commission and sometimes, these types of Stylists can be biased towards those brands. It’s best to search that Stylists site, or ask them in the consultation if they’re affiliated with any brands. Remember, this isn’t always a bad thing, sometimes affiliation gets you discounts in particular stores which will help to save you money. In my own business, I don’t accept a commission, but I ask that my clients get a discount instead.


This is just as important as the next point below, during a Styling session, your Stylist (should) have your best interest at heart. They will want to make you happy and they’ll want you to feel comfortable with what they’ve suggested, but if you’re not putting on clothes that you feel fantastic in, tell them. Be honest with your Stylist across all things, don’t tell them you’re a size you’re not, don’t tell them that you like what they’ve chosen for you even if you don’t and you’re just too lovely of a person to tell them, and whatever you do, don’t be afraid to tell your Stylist when you’re feeling uncomfortable about any changes you’re making together.

The Styling process is an intimate process, you’re letting someone you barely know into your wardrobe which will have a big impact on the way you feel going forward, so let them know how you’re feeling throughout the process so you end up feeling great at the end of the session. Remember, an experienced Stylist has heard it all, don’t be embarrassed to share your troubles or your expectations.


Once you know your desired outcome, whether or not they earn a commission on sales made and you’re ready to move forward, you should feel comfortable with your Stylist. You should trust that he or she knows what they’re doing and if you’re not sure, they’re not the right one for you. You need to feel excited about this process, not unsettled. Remember, this is all about you and they want to make the experience all about you, they’ll only dress you in what they think will work for you so if you’re unsure of their expertise, ask them about their experience or look them up online.

Hiring A Personal Stylist -What To Know Before Choosing Your Personal Fashion Stylist

Saying Goodbye

Often, when doing a Wardrobe Makeover with my client, they underestimate how much clothing doesn’t actually need to be in their wardrobe. Saying goodbye to things you don’t wear or need is part of the Wardrobe Makeover process so that you have things in your wardrobe that you love, you don’t want to have to sort through all the boring stuff every morning to get to the good stuff, do you? Be prepared to part with some things, it’s only for your benefit.

Bring Water

No matter who your Stylist is, you’ll be trying on lots of clothes during your shopping session. My clients think I’m joking when I tell them it’s a workout, you’ll never try on as many clothes in the space of a few hours as you do when you’re with a Stylist, it’s a fact. Wear clothes that are easy to change in and out of and be ready to sweat chicness from your body.

Know The Red Flags

A personal stylist or image consultant should never ask or suggest you lose weight, get plastic surgery, botox, fillers or change your body in anyway. The stress on people to lose weight and surgically alter their body at the moment is huge and should be a private decision between yourself and a qualified surgeon or doctor. If a Stylist ever suggests you lose weight, know that this is a way of cutting corners so the clothing they’ve picked fits better.

A great stylist will pick clothing for you that will flatter and fit, no matter what your size.

I wrote this post because I’m always asked what a session is like and what to expect when hiring a Personal Stylist, so I hope that helped you make your decision and pick the good stylists apart from the amazing stylists.


  1. Avatar for Ashley Turns

    Thanks for letting me know that when I’m meeting with my personal stylist I should be sure to be completely honest about things like my size and the pieces they have picked out for me so that I only end up with pieces I truly want. I’m planning on hiring a specialist to help me pick out the best clothes for me to wear to my new job that starts in a couple of weeks. So when I do end up meeting with the personal stylist I have chosen, I’ll make sure I’m completely honest about the clothes they have picked out for me so that I can make sure that I feel comfortable with everything I wear for work.

    1. Avatar for ALARNA HOPE

      I hope you enjoy your session! It will save you so much time and money and you’ll feel fantastic in your sense of style!

  2. Avatar for Ashley Maxwell

    Thanks for mentioning how fashion stylist should have the goal to make you feel comfortable. I also like how you said that they should be well experienced as well. My sister and I are looking for a fashion stylist; thanks for your post.

    1. Avatar for ALARNA HOPE

      That’s great to hear! I hope you have fun in your styling session! Remember to ask plenty of questions and maybe even take a notepad an pen with you, there’s plenty to learn! xx

  3. Avatar for Keren

    This is just brilliant! Only just discovered your blog. Love it. So direct, disarmingly funny and full of valuable insight! Thank you!

    1. Avatar for ALARNA HOPE

      Thank you! I’m glad you’re finding it handy! xx

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