How To Dress Your Bridesmaids

How To Dress Your Bridesmaids

Getting your wedding party styled in the perfect way can be tough work, knowing how to dress your bridesmaids when they all have different bodies, styles and skin tones are just the beginning of it all.

So this week I’m narrowing down on part two of five of our Wedding Stylists tips post and it’s all about the bridesmaids.

This is often one of the longest, toughest exercises of wedding preparation, finding the right dress to suit multiple bridesmaids is harder than you think, but hopefully, my help will make things a little easier.

This post is number two in a five-part series, if you missed the first one, you can find it here!


Not all of your Bridesmaids will look fantastic in the same colour, but there are little things you can do to make it work even when the fabrics and your friend just don’t seem to mix. The first thing you can do is add some accessories. If half your Bridesmaids don’t suit the colour dress you’ve chosen but the other half do, adding an accessory in your friends best metal colour will help to bring colour back to their face.

To choose the best metal for your Bridesmaid, head into a store like Collette or Lovisa and pick up both a gold and a silver necklace. Hold it close to your friends face and look around her eyes, move that necklace away and try the other metal. When you have the necklace that makes her skin look radiant, that’s the metal you should try to include in her Bridesmaids outfit.

How To Dress As A Mother Of The Bride

Every time I hear the words ‘Mother Of The Bride’ I think of two things, taffeta and flesh toned stockings that are too dark for the wearer. It’s hard to find a look that doesn’t make you stand out for the wrong reasons, that lets you have a sense of style and doesn’t scream ‘menopause’.

what you should wear as mother of the bride

Foolproof the Shape

The two most flattering styles of dresses for women, when used to dress more than one shape are fit and flare style dresses and wrap dresses. Both, if fitted correctly will flatter any figure. You can also search for dresses with sleeves or thick straps if you’re conscious of showing shoulders or upper arms.

Opt for Variety

There are so many options now for Bridesmaids that don’t involve the girls all wearing the exact same dress. White Runway and Shona Joy offer dresses to be made in the same colour and fabric but with different variations of shape. The bonus is that each of your Bridesmaids shapes will be flattered and they’ll feel a little more individual.

All-Nighter Proof the Shoes

I remember the shoes I wore to my sister’s wedding and boy were they uncomfortable, they looked amazing but by the end of the night, when I was finally taking off my shoes, my feet were covered in blisters that took about a week to heal. Super inconvenient.

Look for shoes with a thicker heel, and if you need the extra height a thicker heel and a platform will give you better support. Add Party Feet, Starlettos and heel grips for extra softness and get some leather stretcher for any tight areas around the shoe like toe straps and ankle straps. Another great tool to have with you on the night is School Blister Spray and some dry hairspray or baby powder. The powder will soak up sweat and stop your foot from slipping around inside the shoe which will be very handy for that Voguing you plan on doing.


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