How to Button Your Suit | The Rules Of Buttoning Your Suit

How to button your suit like a gentleman | A stylist shares her suit styling etiquette tips. Header image for Pintrest.

If you’ve got a smart suit, you should know how to button it properly.

While there aren’t many hard rules a man should stick to when it comes to wearing a suit, there is a right way to button your suit jacket or button your blazer that helps to set you apart from those who know how to wear a suit and those who don’t. It comes down to the Sometimes, Never, Always rule.

How to button your suit jacket:

How to button single breasted jackets:

When wearing suits and jackets that are single breasted (this just means it has one column of buttons in the centre of your jacket), the Sometimes, Always, Never rule can apply to the way you button your suit.

Picture a three-button suit jacket, the top button is considered your ‘sometimes’ button, that you have a personal choice whether you do up or not. Your next button, sitting in the middle, is your ‘always’ button. This is the button you should always wear done up when standing or walking. The last button at the bottom of your jacket is your ‘never’ button. The one button you never need to do up, regardless of if you’re sitting or standing.

How to button a two button jacket:

When your suit jacket is single breasted and has two buttons, you can consider the top button to be your ‘always’ button, the button you always do up when standing or walking. The next button will then be your ‘never’ button, regardless of it you’re standing or walking, you don’t need this done up.

How to button a single button jacket:

If you have a single button suit or jacket, you should wear it fastened when standing or walking and leave it open when sitting so you don’t pull the fabric. A bonus of wearing your jacket unbuttoned when sitting is that you’ll be more comfortable and look like a gentleman who knows his style.

Fred Astaire suit | How to button your suit like a gentleman | A stylist shares her suit styling etiquette tips.
Bryan Cranston in a suit | How to button your suit like a gentleman | A stylist shares her suit styling etiquette tips.

How to button a double-breasted suit jacket:

When your suit is double-breasted, looks best done up except for the last button. The last button will help with ease of movement while giving your look a more effortless appearance. You should unbutton this style of jacket when sitting too.

Do you unbutton your suit when you sit?

Yes, this will cause the fabric less stressed and the collar won’t bunch at your chest.

How to button a three-piece suit or vest:

When wearing a vest with your suit, your last button on your vest should be unbuttoned for style and comfort.

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