Groomsmen come in all shapes and sizes, but the one thing they all have in common is that they want to look sharp on your wedding day.

From fleshing out the idea to the finishing touches, everything about your Groomsmen’s look will be taken care of. 

When you meet with me to discuss your wedding, we’re not just thinking about the clothes your groomsmen will wear. This is one of the biggest days in a man’s life so how the clothes are worn, adjusted and treated will play a big role in your day too.

My line of work is all about focusing on the little details, even down to arranging a backup shirt for the groomsmen who might sweat through theirs on the dance floor or helping to remind that phone camera happy mate that an iPhone shaped rectangle in his suit pant pocket might not look so good in the wedding photos.

I want to make your Groomsmen look their best, so you can focus on having fun and being in love.

Groomsmen Stylist Sydney | Wedding Fashion Stylist | Grooms Suit Ideas | Grey suit with gold tie.

You have been a big help and we couldn’t have done this without you. Liz and I are so happy with how the wedding party looked. Thank you!

Shaun, Willoughby

I wouldn’t have gotten them all fitted and looking as good as they did without your help. Thanks for everything!

Jeremy, Newtown


In your first meeting with me, we’re going to discuss everything there is to know about your wedding from what time of day it will be held to how long your Groomsmen will be in their outfits. We’ll discuss colour schemes, each individual Groomsmen and decide on how you would like them dressed.

Next up, I’ll be putting aside a range of looks for your Groomsmen and arranging a time suitable for all of your party to meet and try on their outfits. We’ll find the shoes, the accessories and arrange the tailoring for any clothing that may need adjustments and your Groomsmen can head home with the hard part taken care of!

When your Groomsmen’s tailoring has finished, we’ll arrange one final session to run through how your Groomsmen should wear their garments. From how to tie the tie to what to remember when posing for the wedding photos.

Groomsmen Stylist Sydney | Wedding Fashion Stylist | Grooms Suit Ideas


  • A Planning & Style Consultation to discuss colour schemes, style and dream look.
  • A Pre-Shop and Shopping Plan for up to 4 Groomsmen.
  • A Day of Personal Shopping for up to four Groomsmen.
  • Assistance with tailoring & alterations.
  • A Styling session.
Note: This package price is for up to four Groomsmen, additional Groomsmen will be charged at $90 per person.

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Get you and your Groomsmen organised for your wedding with my Grooms Guide. A go-to resource for understanding what you’re paying for when suit shopping and the all-important things to remember when getting ready for photos on your wedding day.

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