Why Get A Bra Fitting? Are My Ladies Lopsided?

What To Know About Bra Fittings - Lingerie Advice From Stylist Alarna Hope | What happens in a bra fitting?

Boobs, they’re the best and worst things for us women, regardless of the size.

In summer they sweat and in formal wear they’re lopsided but they’re also great when you don’t have a clutch bag and you’ve got a padded bra because, viola, your ladies will conceal them and if they’re big enough you can even take home a table arrangement or two! So, by now you may be used to the way your boobs sit under your clothing, which means you might be blind to the fact that you’re probably wearing the wrong size bra and this month, wobbly lady lumps and tatty looking over the shoulder boulder holders is what inspired this post. So, fling your old bra across the room and book yourself a bra fitting.

Why get a bra fitting?

Many of my first-time clients are surprised that a simple change in bra can completely change the way their body looks. Propped up where they should be, a bra will make your torso longer and your waist smaller, which is a great confidence booster! Imagine Nigella Lawson wearing a saggy, poorly fitted bra, her waist would be non-existent and she’d look shorter, but prop them up where they’re supposed to be and she looks longer, leaner and her curves look more proportional. Now, you don’t need to have larger breasts to set up a bra fitting, I myself am as flat as a wall and still require one as my weight fluctuates and I can range anywhere from an 8AA to a 12B. I know that, like clothing, sizing isn’t standard, so I can’t go pick a bra up off the rack and expect to get it home and have it fit, I have to try it on properly to be certain.

Where should I get a bra fitting?

If you live close to a Myer, they’re usually my one stop shop for general bra sizes (a-e) and I love to steer my clients towards a Finelines, Berlei or Bendon bra, but if you’ve got a larger bust that you struggle to find bra’s for, there are speciality stores like More Than A Handful or Brava in Sydney available and others only a quick google search away for those outside of Sydney. Now, many stores will fit bras differently, some stores have fitters only trained in a certain brand which can make it difficult to get a proper fit if your body doesn’t suit their sizing. So shop around and even get two bra fittings if you’re unsure, but whatever you do, don’t spend your rent on bras that haven’t been professionally fitted.

I’ve never had a bra fitting, what can I expect?

I see breasts all the time, it comes with the job and the same goes for bra fitters so don’t feel shy about it. Remember, you can always ask your fitter to give you some privacy while you put the bra on if that’s your preference but keep in mind that when you’re getting measured for a bra, the most accurate measurements are taken without a bra on.

What the fitter will do is measure you just under your bust to determine your band size, this is the number before the letter on the sizing tags. Then she will measure your bust line which will determine the cup. And like I mentioned before, all brands vary in size. I’m normally an 8A in a Bonds bra but a 12A in a Kayser and then I’m a 10B in a Chloe and Lola, so remember that it can be all over the place and don’t let the size on the tag get you down.

Your fitter will likely try about five bra’s on you, this is completely normal and your patience will only make your boobs look perkier, so bear with them! Once you’ve found the right bra, get a few of them and a good lingerie bag to wash them in and you’re all set. Also, bra’s can be a little expensive, but they do create the foundation for your clothing to lay upon so don’t stinge on the quality!

Getting A Bra Fitting and What To Expect

Now that you know why it’s important, get yourself fitted before your next clothing shop. With the right bra and your newly acquired knowledge, you’ll be ready to take on the world, get a better fit in clothing and have a longer looking waist! Yay!

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