How To Get A Wardrobe Like Jessica Pearson

How to get a wardrobe like Jessica Pearson from Suits

I love it when I have a corporate client because I get to wear extra tailored clothing to go and see them. As you can probably guess, one of the top people on my list who have a style I love is Jessica Pearson from Suits. Today I’m showing you how to throw a bit of Jessica Pearson’s style into your wardrobe.

I love her, I love her clothes, I love her quick responses and I love that the majority of my corporate clients also love her style!

So, because it’s Christmas and it’s the season of giving, I wanted to give you an insight as to how one gets a style like Jessica Pearson’s. And contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to be the head of a fictional law firm, worth a fictional few mil’ and be fictionally a size 8 with no jiggly bits. In fact, Jessica’s shape is quite rectangular and athletic but she’s got a fuller backside and any of my readers out there with this shape knows it’s not the easiest shape to dress without a few tweaks. A straight figure with a curvy backside often means fitted items need adjusting, so for those curvy readers out there, thank your lucky stars because this style requires fewer alterations for you.

how to get a wardrobe like jessica pearson style

How To Get A Wardrobe Like Jessica Pearson – Deconstructed:

She’s Always Neat:

Jessica doesn’t do that casual or smart casual effortless look like her colleague in the show, Rachel. Her hair is always neat, her clothes ironed, her shoes (always heels) in impeccable condition.

She doesn’t accessorise often:

Jessica is quite minimalist with her accessories, she may wear a bracelet or watch but when it comes to neckwear, she’s often quite simple.

She loves below the knee styles:

I’ve not yet seen her knee caps on display as she walks, only when she sits on her desk and says things like ‘Tell him we’ll see him in court!’ and ‘Harvey, we need to talk.’ DUN, DUN! I think the costume designer wanted to show that Jessica is a lady who needs to be conservative for her clients while still looking powerful and stylish, after all, her clients pay a pretty penny to have her represent them.

Everything fits properly:

One of the biggest characteristics of Jessica Pearson’s style is that everything she wears fits her properly and that’s something new clients of mine and everyday people looking to improve their work style don’t factor in. Alterations are the key to looking put together and stylish. A well-fitted skirt over a tight or baggy one will always show you more success. Sleeves that end where your wrist meets your hand will always show off that flash of a watch as you move your arms – showing how super duper organised you are. Fitted jackets that don’t make you look like a brick on legs will always do you more favours because the brick on legs look is not what we’re going for.

how to get a wardrobe like jessica pearson style

Stick With A Colour Palette:

Jessica loves block colours and she also is a fan of black, white, grey and baby pink. Every now and then she throws a statement piece in that isn’t one of these colours but her core wardrobe is made up of those block colours so that things are easy to mix and match.

Look For Interesting Shapes:

One thing I’ve noticed with Jessica is that there’s always an element of shape and silhouette to lift her outfit from business attire to business boss-lady attire. She often wears peplum jackets, interesting necklines, asymmetrical cut pencil skirts and dramatic sleeves. Look to incorporate a few things like this into your wardrobe.

She Secretly Pushes The Limits:

Okay, so there’s a few items above that will have you thinking ‘Alarna is nuts, I can’t wear that off the shoulder top at work!’ and true, you most likely can’t, but on a night out you could. Remember, if you’re going to aim for a style, it needs to flow through your entire life. This doesn’t mean you have to wear a pencil skirt to walk the dog (you’ll at least need something with a split in it for that), it just means that you need to think of your style as a whole and not as a segmented thing for the different areas of your lifestyle.

One thing that Jessica does extremely well is she pushes the limits on a conservative dress code but constantly looks neat and is only ever risky around the neckline. She’ll never wear anything strapless, but for her, just off the shoulder is something she’ll wear for ‘another day at the office’.

how to get a wardrobe like jessica pearson style

Troubleshooting the Jessica Pearson look:

If you’ve got no bum & thin legs:

If you have this shape you probably feel that pencil skirts make you look like a lollypop. And yes, if worn incorrectly, you will. Balance out your bottom half with a pencil skirt that has some extra structure to it. Whether that’s an asymmetric cut, a peplum, a bulky waist tie or a large print.

If you have no waist:

Jessica Pearson doesn’t have much of a defined waist, she’s got a shaped backside that you can see when she stands side on, but generally, she’s got a relatively athletic figure. Adding a waist belt, extra ruffles and shape around the bust and hips and a belt will always help. Dresses that gather around the waist and are sewn off centre (like a wrap dress) will always give the illusion of a smaller waist. You can also wear 3/4 sleeves to bring more attention to your waist! And voila! You have that cinch you’ve always wanted!

If you’re plus sized/fuller figured:

There seems to be an assumption in the fashion industry that women above a size 16 don’t work corporate jobs because fabulous clothes in this size are a little harder to come by. Not to worry too much, we’ll be doing a post on that soon! If you are a little curvier, you can still embody this style. Wear those pencil skirts and focus on wearing those skirts on your high waist, wearing eye-catching necklines and collars and adding a nude shoe to elongate the leg. The more you tailor your look, the more Jessica Pearson-esque your style will be.

If you’re petite:

Just because Jessica wears her skirts over the knee at what is called a ‘midi’ length, doesn’t mean that her style is out for you. If you wear a nude shoe, you’ll elongate your leg, and by wearing clothes that fit close to your body you’ll look well proportioned and taller. Try to avoid overly ‘out there’ shapes, as they’ll wear you. Instead, focus on smaller, structured shapes like a slight twist in fabric at the waist or a bell-shaped sleeve altered to the right length.

Lastly, I hope you enjoyed learning how to get a wardrobe like Jessica Pearson because there’s going to be more posts like this in the future. If there are any characters from films or television whose style you are head over heels for but don’t know how to get – leave a comment below and tell me all about it!

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  1. Avatar for Sondy Ghedia

    Hi Alarna, great article! Lots of really useful tips. Thanks.

  2. Avatar for Tamara

    Thanks for a great article! I, too, love her style soooo much. I also noticed that She does not ever wear dainty necklaces. If she does wear a necklace it will be bold. Love her style!

    1. Avatar for ALARNA HOPE

      Thanks Tamara, that’s so true. She’s bold in so many ways but especially with her fashion choices. Also, I’m a sucker for her shoe collection, it’s so lovely!

  3. Avatar for Alice

    I’m so obsessed with the women’s style on Suits, especially Jessica’s. She’s a statuesque, elegant woman who hits home with her intellect and savvy. Her outfits are always equally regal. I wish I looked half as good at work as her! And delivered half the punchy one-liners she does. This was a great article.

    1. Avatar for ALARNA HOPE

      Thank you, Alice! Don’t we all wish we had Jessica’s sass (and wardrobe!). They should have made a clothing line out of the show, it’s been such a popular topic, they all dress so well. xx

  4. Avatar for Stanley Thomas

    Thanks for sharing this information, great blog and very useful tips wardrobe department of suits.

  5. Avatar for Denise Gill


    I recently became a fan of the Suits show and was taken in with Jessica style. Thank you for the posting on the fuller figure, I am looking forward to seeing more on your blog. Please tell us on how to determine our Colour Pallet. Can you add or change an accent color for a season change? Thank you again.

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