How To Fake Longer Legs With Clothing


I love a bit of leg, shaving them is quite a task, but in the right outfit – they’re amazing.

Now this post isn’t for women who already have gloriously long, evenly toned legs. But I’m sure you’ll find another post on here suitable if you are. This post is for those of us who feel a little short and stout when wearing flats, or in our looser fitting trousers, or just about anything – because we often don’t need reasons to poke fun at our bodies and seek ways to improve it.

But as you know, I’ll take a three tiered cake with extra icing over leg day any day, so throw those runners out the door. There’s no way on hell we’re exercising. Instead we’re accessorising, altering and being generally effortlessly bitchy.

This post is a little treasure trove for those of you who think you suck at layering – or summer dressing because it really is much easier in winter to elongate your legs, but I do have a few bitchy tricks up my sleeve for months that require lighter weight clothing.

Step one to a longer leg is to start hunting for a great nude flat and a fabulous nude heel. When I say nude, I mean that it needs to be plain and simple, and as close in colour to your skin tone as you can find. Here are some gorg options I’ve found online.

Nude Shoes by havilarna featuring strappy pumps

MICHAEL Michael Kors platform stiletto, 170 AUD / Witchery strap pumps / Nine West strap sandals, 140 AUD / Nine West wedge heel shoes, 140 AUD / Nine West strappy pumps, 140 AUD / Forever New strappy shoes

Now some people I talk to about nude shoes have some odd feelings towards them, they’re often considered a strange tone of shoe to buy or a bit of a nothing shoe – but trust me on this. Your favourite shoe will become a nude shoe. My favourite running heels are nude and ALL my heels are running heels. Do you know how many shoes I have? Me neither, I lost count years ago.

Step Two: Start hemming and tapering your pants. If you are on the shorter side, this is very important. The fit models for most clothing brands are quite tall, therefore the proportions of their legs and even where their knee sits is going to different to yours. If you have take up more than an inch of your trousers or jeans, you’re going to need to taper them. A taper is simply bringing in the leg of the trousers to give you a nicer shape to the leg.

Bitch Tip: If you alternate regularly between flats and heels, or you often feel stumpy in flats, have your pants tailored to just on the ankle.

how to fake longer legs with clothing

Step Three: Start wearing belts at your high waist. If you feel between your last two ribs, this is where your belts should sit. When wearing a dress, this will give you a much longer looking pair of pins and a smaller, curvier waist.

Step Four: Add a chest length necklace. A necklace that sits up a little higher will  bring more attention to your face. If you’re not much of a necklace girl or you have a little one at home that you think may try to eat it, try a light weight summer scarf instead and give the baby to your husband.

Step Five: If you’re going without a lighter jacket or a cardi, try to wear mid or higher rise pants and your top completely tucked in or partially tucked. Taking away fabric from the top to show off more of your pant will help you fake longer legs. If you are wearing a jacket, try wearing one that is considerably longer or shorter than the top underneath. This will give you a nice layering effect and will smooth out your proportions and create a longer silhouette.

As always, I hope you enjoyed learning how to fake longer legs and I hope you’re getting something out of the other posts! Let me know in the comments if you gave this a try, I’d love to hear about all your leggy adventures!

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