Five Signs You’re Not Dressing Your Age

5 signs you're not dressing your age

You know when you duck to the bathroom after spending some time out with others and you notice you have food stuck in your teeth? You think to yourself, why didn’t anyone tell me? They didn’t want you to get embarrassed but by not telling you, let you do just that.

Unfortunately, clothing doesn’t come with an age-appropriate label and, like that poppyseed lurking behind that bold lip, most people won’t tell you when you’re not dressing your age.

Now, don’t get me wrong, this article isn’t just aimed at middle-aged women wearing their daughter’s clothing (but was inspired by said women), it’s for those who either dress too old or too young for their age and it’s for the women no one told. Check your teeth for spinach and have a seat, we’ve got work to do.


You’re Showing The Same Amount Of Skin You Did When You Were 20:

Ahh, youth. Before varicose veins, pre-greys and excruciating hangovers after just two drinks. It was a good time, but there are better times ahead and new experiences to be had. Those experiences include finding your own sense of style as a full-fledged adult, wearing better quality clothing and finally (finally) being able to wear heels on a daily basis without having a special event to go to.

Are You Dressing Your Age In The Best Possible Way? Stylist, Alarna Hope shares her tips to ensure you're dressing age appropriately with style!

Your Bra Is Visible:

There’s a time and a place for bra straps to be visible and it’s for teenage girls who’ve just started wearing bras to show that their boobs are the highest they’ll ever be and that they’re old enough to go Thursday night shopping without a parent present. Showing the front of your bra also fits this category, invest in some converter clips and get fitted properly so your lady lumps sit just where they’re supposed to be.

You’re Constantly Told ‘Sometimes I forget how young you are‘:

Some of us just get on better with older people and that’s great, but they shouldn’t be your style icons. Ditch the shapeless skirts and boxy suits, you’re you and you’re better than that. Dress the way you imagine your very best self would dress and put that into action. Ditch the skin-baring clothes and cutesy dresses at work if you work in a senior corporate role and opt for something that says feminine but powerful.

Your Nails Are Long, Acrylic and Bedazzled and Your Hands Are Aged:

Long acrylic nails on women can not only look tacky, but they can make you look like the type of person who lies about their age and with that comes the association of not dressing your age. Lose the length so that they look more natural, trust me; your hands will look much younger- and just think of all the cards, hairpins and coins you’ll be able to pick up off flat surfaces without them!

Are You Dressing Your Age In The Best Possible Way? Stylist, Alarna Hope shares her tips to ensure you're dressing age appropriately with style!

70% Of The Other People Shopping In The Same Store As You Are Considerably Younger Or Older:

Have a look around you, if those shopping in the store definitely aren’t your age, you may very well be in the wrong place. Be spontaneous and try a brand you haven’t tried, that looks elegant and has customers your age.

REMEMBER: It’s not about getting rid of all the fun, you can still keep some areas of your wardrobe younger or older, just don’t make your entire outfit younger or older. You don’t want be told to pull your mini skirt down because your nipples are showing. I’m just saying.

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