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I hate the gym, I’m not a fan at all.

Even in school, I used to bribe my fellow peers with ice cream if they did my beep tests for me. If someone picked me for their sports team, I’d ask ‘Are you sure?’ and if they looked like they were going to throw me the ball, I’d say ‘Don’t.’ Sport’s never been my thing, I’m not a fan of working out. Funnily enough I get plenty of cardio in during the week by walking around the shops with clients (in quite a fast paced fashion) and carrying bags of clothing.

Yes, my gym is Pitt Street Mall, and my clients bags are the weights – fabulous for an arm workout. But one thing I’m asked by clients quite frequently is how to get rid of a ‘flat bum’ or a ‘mum bum’. And I can tell you that you won’t have to do one squat if you follow these steps. In fact, if you’re wanting a quick slim-down and perk-up makeover before a big event, this is the post for you. I’m going to teach you how to dress slimmer and perkier without going to the gym.

how to dress slimmer

How To Dress Slimmer And Perkier

When you’d like a to slim your look, there’s a few key things to keep in mind, no matter what your body shape or height is:

  1. Darker wash jeans in a slim straight cut, will always flatter you the most. Find some with high back pocket placement for a lifted bum and don’t forget to tailor the hems.
  2. Tailoring your clothing to the right sleeve length, pant length and shirt length lengthens your limbs and smooths you out all over. It also makes your clothing look neater.
  3. Bringing more attention to the face by wearing a framing neckline, great accessories or a bold lip will make you appear taller and will ensure you get more eye contact with people.
  4. Define the waist, in every outfit. Your only excuse for not doing so is the day you wear a shift dress. Other than that, work that waist like there’s no tomorrow!

Now as you can see, there’s some illustrations in this post, partly because I purchased a graphics tablet and wanted to give it a whirl (I’ve pulled all-nighters with it, I love it so much) but also so I could demonstrate easily to you what areas you should keep in mind when going for an over-all slim and lift.

how to dress slimmer

Define Your Waist: The 101 of knowing how to dress slimmer and perkier is to define your waist. It seems so scary to some, but give it a go. It’s worth it, I promise and remember that this doesn’t always mean wearing a fitted dress or top if that’s not your thing. As you can see in the first image, you can do so with a belt, a tucked in blouse and a loose waist coat / vest or even with a pencil skirt and jacket.

When shopping for jackets, it’s so easy to loose your waist. From the front, everything looks fantastic, but from behind, our jackets usually box us out and give us a rectangular shape with little definition. Purchasing a jacket that curves slightly up at the back will give you more of a waist and a perkier behind!

Play With Length: If you’re struggling to create that waist with separates, and you’re a fan of layering, there’s another tip I’d like to pass on and that’s to add some leg. What I mean by this, is when you’re creating any layered outfit, you want to try and make your legs look like the longest part of the entire look.

Wearing a higher waist pant with a tucked in shirt can work, with a longer added jacket or vest, like above, is a great option. But if you want to wear a longer shirt underneath instead, just make your top layer shorter. You’ll still get the look of a waist that way and this will elongate your pins at the same time!

Lastly, find an alterations person you love! Mine is in the centre I usually shop at so I have no excuse to take an item home that doesn’t fit me perfectly. Get your jeans and trousers taken up and in, your sleeves shortened to the right length and do not be afraid to add darts into tops, dresses and jackets that lack shape – they’re inexpensive alterations and usually have such a fast turn around, you won’t even miss the items from your wardrobe.

See you next time gorgeous!

If you liked these tips and what to read more like ‘How To Be Slimmer and Perkier – Without Going To The Gym’, you know where to find me!

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  1. Avatar for Kate @ Tell Me Tuesday

    Gorgeous tips! I’m an exercise lover, but still find these tips VERY helpful!

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