Dressing for Menopause and Hot Flushes

Dressing For Menopause & Hot Flushes

This weeks weather had me thinking about the clients and family friends of mine currently experiencing one of the inconvenient things that come along with ageing as a woman. Menopause. Particularly, hot flushes in over 30 degree heat.

How I've Made My Wardrobe A Happier Place Wardrobe Organising Closet Updates | Wardrobe Clutter | Fashion Quotes

Kicking My Own Happy Wardrobe Goals

Can you believe it’s nearly 2018? It dawned on me today when I was working on a photo shoot in a beautiful California bungalow style home, shooting luxurious towels in the warm sun what a different year this has been for me.

How To Care For Your Skin In Winter

How To Care For Your Skin In Winter

I have this problem in winter where I get dry skin between my eyebrows. Being in and out of heated shopping centres all day with clients and then in the cold outside can really give my skin a less than flawless glow.

what is business casual girl with a red bag in work clothes

What Is Business Casual & How To Do It Right

With so many different work environments, different bosses and office culture – it can be hard to work out what is business casual, what’s too casual and what’s just a plain old mess of dragging hems and boring black tattered work pants.

what to wear to a networking event header

What To Wear To A Networking Event

When you run your own business, networking comes with it, as much as we may love or hate it. I have a love/hate relationship with it myself, do I go alone? Don’t I? How do I break the ice? When is the right time to hand over a business card without seeming too pushy? But one thing I’m not stuck on is knowing what to wear to a networking event.

why going up a dress size can make you chic

Going Up A Dress Size Can Make You Look Chic

Fat days suck. They often come as a package deal with our time-of-month, full-moon looneys and forgetting our coffee cards right when we were due for a free coffee stamp. I hear you, sister. But lets not confuse ourselves between a fat day and a day where you might have to go up a size in clothing.

why trend magazines don't give you style

Why Trend Magazines Aren’t Giving You Personal Style

Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of great magazines out there with some brilliant fashion and lifestyle articles, but something that’s really hit home to me lately after a recent chat with my book agent, was how many of them actually consider you as a person and not as a consumer?

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