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Suit Terminology – Fits & Drop Sizing

Have you ever walked into an Apple store and brought a computer from someone who didn’t know a thing about them? Or rode out of a dealership with a car that the salesman knew nothing technical about? If you don’t know what type of suit you’re buying, you could be buying a dud. So, this week I’m starting a new series called Suit Terminology, designed to cover the essential knowledge you need to pick up a suit that ticks the boxes in quality, fit and style.

how a men's t-shirt should fit

Men’s: How A T-Shirt Should Fit

T-Shirts are a basic in anyone’s wardrobe, but especially a mans wardrobe. They’re worn year-round as a single piece or under layers and can be a piece heavily relied upon. With that in mind, I think we should learn how a t-shirt should fit so that every time we’re updating our wardrobe basics we’re nailing it.

The Strand Arcade in Sydney - Best Menswear Stores

My Top 10 Menswear Stores In Sydney City

As a Fashion Stylist, I’m constantly spending my time searching through racks of clothing for that perfect piece for my client. I know my clients and who they want to be and I know that just any old pair of pants won’t do. They have to be the pair of pants, or they won’t be suitable. Over my time shopping for men in Sydney City, I’ve come across many stores but there’s just some that take the cake.

Men's Wardrobe Inspiration | Feature image

Mens Wardrobes That Will Inspire You To Makeover Your Wardrobe

An organised wardrobe helps clients to see exactly what they own so that getting dressed is simple and adding duplicates of an item is avoided. When I start organising a mens wardrobe, I love to start by making sure all of the hangers are the same. It makes such a difference to the overall look and ensures that clothing is hanging at the same level throughout.

how a sports jacket should fit

How A Sports Jacket Should Fit

Looking to add something sharp to your wardrobe that’s not as formal as a blazer but not as casual as a bomber? The sports jacket is a great addition that’s classic, sharp and versatile and I love them! Especially when they fit well!

How to pick the right accessories for your suit | Men's suiting advice

How To Pick The Right Accessories For Your Suit

Looking good is all in the details, which is why picking the right accessories for your suit is important. Todays post is all about getting those accessories perfect, I’ll show you what ties to look for and point out a few lesser known styling tips that can make a big impact on your outfit.

What should groomsmen wear to a wedding in Sydney.

What Groomsmen Should Wear

So you popped the question, said yes, or just did what my parents did and said ‘we should get married’ followed by a ‘yeah, okay,’ and now you’re searching the internet looking for the answers on what groomsmen should wear, and maybe what you should wear too.

What are shoe trees and why do you need them? Men's Fashion Advice - Alarna Hope

Why Do You Need A Shoe Tree For Your Shoes?

Why do you need shoe trees and what are they for? Which type of shoe tree do you need and why? There’s a lovely cobbler in the Strand Arcade who is constantly looking at my new clients’ old shoes like he’s found a stray puppy. Paul from Coombs knows shoe care like no one else I know and he knows when someone isn’t looking after their shoes.

How to wear a denim jacket with jeans

Men’s: How To Wear A Denim Jacket

As much as a Style Icon, Justin Timberlake is now, he’s partly responsible for making men shy away from wearing denim jackets. He caused way too much confusion where there shouldn’t be. It’s a denim jacket. It’s not hard to go wrong until you wear an entire denim suit complete with a denim hat and a matching denim Brittany Spears. But if you really want to know how to pull off the denim jacket and actually look like a complete stud, here’s how.

How to wear printed socks | men's fashion | men's sock suits

How To Wear Printed Socks

It takes someone comfortable in his style to pull a look like this off, but you don’t have to be a style extraordinaire to do it. This look is perfect for the races, derby day, cocktail parties and smart casual events and helps you to look like the perfect gentleman when out and about.

How to remove that shoe odour from your closet \ How to stop your shoes from smelling

Remove That Shoe Odour From Your Closet

Because we wear our shoes for long periods of time, experience different heat levels, sweat into them, get dirt on them, we get them wet – then if we have a shoe closet or closed in area for our shoes, we pop them away.

How to wear a chelsea boot | What to wear with Chelsea boots header

How to Wear Chelsea Boots

I’m a sucker for them! They’re comfortable, smart and there are so many styles available which gives our style more individuality! In this post I’m sharing my tips for finding a good Chelsea boot and what you can wear with them!

How to make your wardrobe neat | Wardrobe organisation tips

3 Easy Ways To Make Your Wardrobe Neat

Often in the new year, once we start getting back into the groove of things, our wardrobes and our homes organisation can end up taking the back seat. When part of your daily routine is finding something to wear, you want your wardrobe to be easy to use, aesthetically pleasing and maintainable. You don’t want to have to sort through a plethora of items just to find a good pair of jeans to wear.

DIY Wardrobe Redesign For Renters & Owners | Closet Storage Hacks | Wardrobe Organisation

Do It Yourself: Wardrobe Redesign

If you’ve been spending your time on Pinterest looking at wardrobe design and gorgeous walk-in closets, but you’re not so handy with a hammer – I have some very exciting news.

Where to sell or donate your clothing in Sydney or online.

Where To Sell Or Donate Your Clothes In Sydney Or Online

When cleaning out a client’s wardrobe, one thing I hear a lot is a worried ‘How much money did I spend on clothes I’m not wearing?’ when they look to the pile of clothes we’re removing. With the new year fast approaching, many of us get the cleaning bug. We want to cull our wardrobes, our pantry’s, our garages, heck, even our makeup bags – but sometimes we don’t just want to throw the items away – we’d prefer to donate or sell them.

How to stop your jeans from fading | Stop black and navy jeans from fading out.

How To Stop Your Jeans From Fading

If your jeans are intentionally faded, fabulous! But most of the time, we buy a great pair of jeans and it’s not long until our lovely denim duds have faded so much that we feel a little ripped off.

How To Care For Your Jeans | How To Wash Your Jeans | Denim Care | Style Hacks

How To Care For Your Jeans

When we buy our jeans from the store, we try them on, twirl around in them, check our backsides, do the sit test and finally, hopefully, make a decision that they’re the winning pair. With all that fuss, only months later, you’ve got saggy jeans that look years old, have faded significantly and you don’t know why, but I do.

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