Introducing The Busy Bitch Planner For 2017


There is something oddly satisfying about buying new stationery.

It’s like the feeling I get when I have on matching underwear or visit Ikea, I feel like my life is about to get seriously organised. And as many of you know, I’ve been working on a book for quite some time. The book is called That Effortless Bitch, and it’s been loitering around the desks of some very fancy publishers. Since reaching out with the book, the response has been fantastic but one thing that makes a huge difference in publishing these days is a platform. And my platform shoes weren’t enough. Not even my cute blue suede ones.

So the time came for me to seriously think about the direction of That Effortless Bitch and what I wanted to do with it. I wanted to develop the books and later some products, but after a few lemon lime bitters with the right well-dressed people, I realised I needed to do it the other way. So that’s where the Busy Bitch Planner came in.

busy bitch daily planner australia

I wanted to create something with as much attitude as That Effortless Bitch. Something that owners could not only write down super important notes in, but something they could create fabulous memories with.

And I know my readers love a laugh, style advice and lots of room for activity so the choice then became simple. Create a daily planner, with funny quotes and shopping advice. Make lots of room on the pages for appointments, work, play and goals and throw in an entire rainbow of colour because black and white is boring!

Everything you see in the busy bitch planner, has had some pretty careful consideration. Even the gold foil on the spine was a thought out process, because – hello! Who doesn’t dig around in a dark handbag, IN the dark, looking for things to write on? And who needs a space to write down all those important romantic dates, phone numbers, fabulous sales and names to stick in the freezer?! We all do!

So if you’re starting to think about getting yourself sorted for next year, these planners are pretty damn chic and I’m actually (I may be biased) certain you won’t find anything as personable, fun or fashionable as this.

busy bitch daily planner australia

Sit down darling, I’m not finished yet.

To kick off the fun spirit of the busy bitch planner, new planner owners can tag @alarnahope when filling out their fill-in-the-blanks ‘About Moi’ section in the front of the book, snap a photo and send it in. The most creative responses will receive some goodies in the mail from That Effortless Bitch and will be featured on our social media. If you consider yourself a wordsmith, a funny bitch or someone who is over adult colouring in books and just wants to write their feelings down – snap away. I’m dying to see how you all go with it!

Lastly, for those of you who have been reading the blog and getting to know That Effortless Bitch, I want to say thank you!!! Developing a product has been a brand new adventure and something so exciting to watch. Holding it in my hands, I feel like I can take on any evil outfits, real bitches and swat away flies all at the same time – I hope it does the same for you!


busy bitch daily planner australia

Photography: Lisa Fahey


  1. Avatar for Kat

    Hi Alarna,
    I bought one of these Diaryfrom you just before Christmas for a friend! Have you got any left and what’s best price you can do? Also do they run Jan-Dec?

    1. Avatar for ALARNA HOPE

      Hello Gorgeous,
      We do still have a small amount of planners left for sale, you’re welcome to purchase via the online blog store or via my Etsy account. They run from Jan-Dec,I hope you’re enjoying yours!

  2. Avatar for Anita T

    I won Busy Bitch Planner on website! Awesome.

    Mwah x

  3. Avatar for Jade

    Will there be a 2018 busy bitch diary????
    Would love to get some for the ladies in my family ?

    1. Avatar for ALARNA HOPE

      Hello Jade, thanks so much for your interest in the planner. We decided to skip next years planner as we had a few issues with our manufacturer, we’re working on a bigger and better version for 2019 instead. <3 Thank you for your support!

  4. Avatar for tony

    i want to buy this planner for my daughter. where can I buy it in Canada?

    1. Avatar for ALARNA HOPE

      Hello Tony,
      Our planners are sold out and we won’t be releasing anymore until late next year for 2019. When they are released they will be available to purchase from our Etsy store and links will be put up on our website to guide you through the process.
      I hope you find a suitable alternative until then! Thanks!

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