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I’m Alarna Hope,

I help people find their style, ditch impulsive shopping habits and feel confident in themselves. I don’t follow trends and I’m not about crash dieting to fit into an outfit. I want my clients to have their own unique sense of style and feel fabulous in what they wear.

I started my business when I realised people wanted to look good, be unique and find quality garments – and fashion magazines weren’t helping them.

Where it all started;

I’ve always been a sucker for a good movie with a makeover scene – my favourite by far is Crazy, Stupid, Love where Ryan Gosling stops Steve Carell from continuing the use of his velcro wallet. What a transformation!

Growing up, I always wanted to work in fashion, I put on fashion shows in my living room, raided my mum’s sewing box and dreamed of making costumes for every event that came up. It wasn’t until I became a teenager that I realised I wanted to be a costume designer.

However, the Illawarra didn’t provide many courses for the theatrically inclined. I used to help dress my mother and sister to make them feel and look great and I was good at it, but at the time, Stylists weren’t really something we knew of. So instead, at sixteen, I decided to study Fashion Design at Tafe of a night time after school and that’s where my love for quality garments manifested.

Free style advice right at your fingertips
personal stylist Alarna Hope in her professional office in Sydney.

I studied hard, took industry-specific courses, interned my fingers off (yes, steamers will turn your heat-sensitive fingers into fireproof warriors) and when I was so over working at a job I didn’t love – I decided to make myself a promise. To wake up every day doing a job I loved and never stop learning!

I’ve been doing that ever since by creating services for people who want to have their own style and a quality wardrobe and upon doing that, built my blog, wrote a book and started an online course that helps women make smarter shopping decisions.

Through learning about my clients desires, troubles, sensitivities and taste, I managed to create a business based around one thing I feel the fashion industry has forgotten, and that’s reality.

We aren’t the media’s idea of perfect, we’re not the type who has a body that just bounces back after pregnancy, or fluctuates in ideal areas. We don’t look as young as the models in the adverts that are aimed out our demographic, even though they may be half our age- and we sure as hell couldn’t give two cents to the person who decided that mismatching your shoes was a trend back in 2012.

During my time as a Stylist, I’ve had the pleasure of working with many amazing clients both private and commercial and have had the privilege of travelling overseas to study Fashion, Menswear and Styling to ensure I bring the best services to my clients that I can.

More About Alarna

Raised by the Water

I’m originally from the South Coast, born in Wollongong and raised by a hard-working family in a relaxed beachside town.

Here is where I started my career and found my love for fashion.

Professionally Trained

Throughout my fashion education, I’ve studied Fashion Design & Technology, Fashion Business, Image Consulting, Menswear, Professional Styling and Historic Fashion. I have studied both in Australia and overseas and continue to take new fashion related courses every year to stay up to date with the industry.

Career Highlights

Consulting for Swarovski, Game Of Thrones and David Jones. Styling clients for the Logie Awards and being recognised as an expert in my field by various print and online publications both in Australia and Internationally.

Are you ready for effortless style?



I sure do, my services cater mainly to men and women in Sydney and the Illawarra region, and for particular clients, I fly in and out for styling. Soon, clients outside of Australia will be able to participate in online styling.


Learn as much as you can about garment construction, quality and recognising how something will fit your client before they’ve even tried it. This not only saves you both time but makes you a go-to stylist. I studied Fashion Design and Styling in Australia and then took a small course in menswear in Los Angeles.


The photos shot for Instagram are often shot on my iPhone and edited in VSCO. My videos are shot by myself using a Sony ZV-1 and Osmo Pocket with natural lighting or softbox lights if it’s a late afternoon, then edited in iMovie.

Are you hiring stylist or taking on interns?

Not currently, but when I am looking for new team members, I’ll advertise on my Instagram. Please don’t send unsolicited resumes.

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