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As a winter lover and the first person to put on a jacket anywhere at any time, I’ve gotten quite good at packing for winter getaways. Whether you’re travelling just for the weekend or you’re jet setting off to feel the snowflakes on your skin – I’ve got a handy winter printable packing list and a whole lot of tips for the flight too! So let’s get started!


Whenever I’m packing for myself or a client, I check the weather forecast of the holiday destination, as well as the forecast for the location I’m flying from and coming back to. That way I know what clothing I should wear on the plane and pack in my carry on, and what should be in my checked luggage.

While you’re in packing mode, check your itinerary and make a list of how many outfits you need and whether you’ll be inside or outside for most of each day. If you’re travelling to a location where it gets quite cold each winter, most hotels, restaurants and shops have special heating.

When I went to Lake Tahoe a few winters back, I was able to take off my coat almost instantly when walking into each store, so make sure that if you are travelling to an area that snows that your layers are easy to take off.


Whenever you travel, you want to make sure what you pick will mix and match easily. I always make sure that my carry on clothing could go with my checked luggage in case there are any odd weather days. The best way to ensure your clothing mixes and matches is to pick a colour scheme, around 5 colours that look good as a whole will work well. Try not to pack any random coloured pieces as they won’t be as versatile.

If you want to know how to add colour to your winter wardrobe, I wrote a post on that too! You can read it here!

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    Packing List For Winter Continued:


    This is where the fun starts, there’s so many tips and tricks you can use to make your packing better:

    Fold & Roll Your Clothing:

    This will not only save space, but you can see what you have from a glance and, for extra simple dressing, separate each day’s outfits into large A4 ziplock bags so you can pick them up and go as you need.

    Take A Trip To Priceline:

    And get your hands on those little clear refillable bottles so you’re not having to pack large portions of shampoo, conditioner, moisturiser, sunscreen, foundation and all that jazz.

    Put Your Cords In A Pencil Case: 

    If every cord is in with your regular luggage, it will likely get damaged or tangled in your fabulous outfits, and because we can’t have that I recommend you get yourself a little pencil case to store your cords in so you know where everything is.

    Store Breakables In Shoes: 

    Sunglasses, perfume bottles, chunky jewellery, you name it, it will be safest in your shoes. This is also a handy space to store socks and stockings.

    Find A Space For Backup Cash: 

    As a tourist, you may be the target for pickpockets and fraudsters, it’s a good idea to have a backup stash of money just in case you forget your bag, it gets stolen or it’s gone MIA. Great places to put spare cash is in empty chapstick containers, behind your phone case and in your makeup bag.

    Casual Cold Weather Outfits + 30 LOOKS- Winter Capsule Wardrobe Example

    Packing List For Cold Weather & Fabric Choice:

    What Fabrics Are Good For Cold Weather?

    Your fabric choice matters, because a coat made of the wrong fabric can leave you feeling cold and lead to runny noses on holidays. Because I don’t want that for you, you can read my post on choosing your next winter coat here and continue reading below for my top list of fabrics you should consider packing for cold weather.


    • Wool
    • Cashmere
    • Corduroy – Made from cotton or wool is best.
    • Flannel
    • Leather
    • Velvet
    • Velour
    • Down


    • Linen
    • Viscose
    • Tensel
    • Cotton (If you do feel the heat, or you are a sweater – wear this under your jumpers and coats but don’t wear it as a single layer.)
    • Polyester (This can feel warm but will trap sweat)
    • Acrylic (This can be good for moderately cold places, but best kept away from the suitcase if you really feel the cold or you’ve visiting a snowy region.)


    When you’re packing shoes, it’s best to chose shoes that have thick soles, preferably rubber or leather. Avoid plastic soles when you can and so that your feet aren’t cold and your toes aren’t numb, wear wool socks and use woolen innersoles in your shoes. I’ve got these woolen innersoles for my boots and they’ve been great. You’ll thank me when you can feel your toes.


    When my iPhone stopped recognising my touch on a trip through Nevada during a blizzard (smart, I know), I realised I needed decent gloves. Take some leather or woollen gloves with you and keep them in your bag when you’re not wearing them. Make sure the gloves aren’t too tight, you want a little breathing room around your fingers, otherwise you’ll still feel the cold on them.

    Now that you’re all sorted, don’t forget to download your free packing list for cold weather holidays. And let me know some of your tips for winter packing in the comments!

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