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This week, as we reach the cool weather, I’m reminded of how much I love the colours that come out in stores in autumn and winter here in Sydney. One thing I often find is that those who love wearing deep, jewel or autumnal colours – love this time of year. Those who prefer lighter, pastel or neutral tones are often more in love with the bright, light tones that come out in spring and summer. Did you know, your own personal colour analysis can tell you why you feel that way? It’s not just about whether you’re warm or cool!

Any client of mine whose discussed personal colour analysis with me knows I’m not a fan of seasonal colour analysis. I think it’s restricting, too general and really misses the mark on providing correct analysis for non-Caucasian races, skin conditions and facial hair. I trained in colour analysis almost ten years ago and praise the fashion gods, times have changed and colour analysis has become more in depth, which is why I’m all for a thorough, in-depth personal colour analysis.

There are some great reasons why getting your colours done can be an excellent start to looking and feeling your best. I’ll share those reasons with you today, but I also want to discuss some extra areas you might not have considered that could help you determine if booking an online colour analysis is right for you.


Find your best colours

Understand how to use them

Adapt them to your clothing, makeup and accessories.

colour analysis palette and swatch book


You’ve had a major life change and want to update your hair colour.

We’ve all been there, whether it was a good or bad life change. We made a trip to the hairdressers hoping they could reinvent us. I dyed my hair black once, got a front fringe and what I hoped would leave me looking like Lily Allen, left me looking like Professor Snape. If only I knew that blue black would drain the life out of me! Before visiting a hairdresser, many people turn to a colour analyst to find colours that work for them first.

You want to update your style.

If you’re thinking of hitting the shops, one thing I like to do with my clients is establish a colour palette. When your colours work together, so do your clothes! If you want to add to your wardrobe, perhaps buy a new coat or update your work tops, learning what colours will work for you and how they can best be worn on you is a great first step – before hitting the fitting room!

You feel flat in colours you used to love.

This one is less common to hear, but it will happen to us all. Colours you might have pulled off and looked radiant in years ago, no longer suit you as well and you don’t know why. When you age, your colours can change. Your hair and skin colour fades with time, so the value, chroma and temperature of your colours will change too. That’s why when having a colour analysis done, you’re basing it off your current appearance – not an old photo of you from years ago!

You want to know how to wear colour – because your wardrobe is basically just black clothes.

You know, when clients of mine have too much of a colour in their wardrobe I put them on a colour ban. Too much black can not only drain your appearance but it can hold you back from experimenting with clothes and colour. Not every colour needs to be paired with black, I barely wear black. There are other great basic colours and if you have a colour analysis, your consultant will talk you through the colours that make great basic’s in your wardrobe.

You’re about to have new headshots taken.

What colours you wear, have an impact on how you’re perceived. Do you want to look calming, natural and easy to talk to? Or do you want to look powerful, eye-catching and bold? Expensive? Playful? Choosing the right colours can enhance your personal branding and give your photo’s a chance to stand out for the right reasons. Also, if you have your colours done, you’ll be able to pick some great locations to have your photos taken that make you look radiant.

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