Why Do I Keep Buying The Same Clothes?

Why Do I Keep Buying The Same Clothes?

Why You Keep Buying The Same Thing And How To Get Past Your Shopping Habits

We’ve all been there at least once and if you don’t think you have, chances are your wardrobe is going through it right now while those retailers are laughing at you and dancing in a wind filled glass capsule with your money, like they do on those lottery shows.


Buying the same type of thing and getting stuck in a rut happens to all of us, it’s what happens when we form habits. We buy the same colours thinking we’re bringing home something new and exciting, only to find that we have many other items like it in our wardrobes. We don’t need twelve pink toned floral print shirts, or eight black cardigans or fifteen pairs of tan shoes, we just don’t – but how do we get out of this rut and stop buying the same clothes?


Simple, you’ve got to realise your habits and make a plan.


Getting out of a style rut is like giving up smoking, I was going to say chocolate, but we all know it’s not as severe as that. It’s a tough battle at first, very easy to give up on but in the end, you’re much healthier and wealthier for it. It’s not about being strict to a budget or vowing never to use your credit card impulsively again.


It’s more about going to the shopping centres with a clear idea of what you went there for and ensuring that you leave with that item or leave empty handed.


But first you need to realise your habits and the best way to do that is open your wardrobe. We all have our thing that we stock up on, for some it’s a colour, others it’s a certain cut or it could even be a particular print but we all know that the best and most versatile wardrobes have a good balance of print, pattern and cut so that you can interchange your outfits while keeping them looking fresh and up to date.  You can determine what the most common items are in your wardrobe by grouping them by colour, style or pattern and once you’ve worked out what your habit is – make it a memory.


What I mean by that is to get your phone and use it to take a photo. Lay out those items that are all similar and fit them in one big snap shot and that exercise will help you to remember what you have too much of. And for some of us, it’s useful things like black pants or singlet tops, but there are only so many we need and have space for – and if you feel like you’re in a style rut, these are the things that are holding you back.



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why do I keep buying the same clothes?

The next thing you’ll want to do is get some inspiration. Pick up some magazines, jump on Pinterest or look up some characters or celebrities whose style you like and either save them to a folder on your computer or print them out and lay them out on your dinner table. It’s time to look for the common factor amongst the photos you’ve chosen. Is it that in all the images the girls are wearing jeans? Or they’ve got blazers on? Is there a reoccurring colour? Is that common factor the same habit you’ve had growing in your wardrobe that you just took a photo of? If so, look at the other areas of the outfits, what are the complimenting items you could get to make your habit pieces work so they’re not a waste of money? If the common things in your inspiration folder don’t match up with the habit pieces in your wardrobe, then make a list of the things you liked most and be specific. If you like a skirt, don’t just write skirt, write down the details – is it printed? Is it a certain cut? Brand? Or colour?


The next thing to do is to think about all the brands you shop with regularly and make a list of them, then write down your top 3. For the next few months, don’t shop with these brands, try something new. Try that store you always walk past, or the one you went to years ago and haven’t been back into. You’d be surprised at just how much good stuff is hiding in plain site. But don’t forget your inspiration, what is the style of clothing that made you go shopping in the first place? Bring your photos along with you if you must, and as you’re in the line up, waiting to be served, whip out at that photo of those habit pieces as gentle reminder that you’re turning over a new leaf.




Alarna Hope

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