What To Wear When You’re Single On Valentines Day

What To Wear When You’re Single On Valentines Day

At the start of this year I became single again and one of the first thoughts I had was that this would be the first Valentines Day I’d spend as a singleton in Sydney.

Not quite knowing how to handle this revelation, I jumped on google. ‘What Does A Single Person Do On Valentines Day?’ I saw a lot of pictures and articles about women drinking wine and eating chocolate (I don’t need Valentine’s Day to do this), complaining about the day and how sappy it is and talking about how they’re going to lay low at home.

Well I would much rather disregard all those things and put on something fabulous and remind myself that being single is not something to be ashamed of. It doesn’t correlate with trackpants and the soundtrack to Bridget Jones’s Diary, even though both of those things are fabulous, Valentine’s Day is going to be about me. If I decide to go out with the girls, I’m going to put on an outfit I feel flawless in, paint my nails, dance to Whitney Houston and feel fabulous, if I’m staying in I’m going to get myself some nice underwear, cute pjs and put on something with Colin Firth in it – because what fun is a holiday if not everyone can enjoy it?

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I’ve created a list of things you can wear that will make you feel fabulous as an eligible effortless bitch this Valentines Day!

New Lingerie: So it might not be seen by anyone but you but how amazing does matching underwear feel? When I have matching underwear on I feel like I’ve got my life in order, I feel like the type of woman whose kitchen cupboards are organised, who owns a label maker and really knows what she wants.

A New Nail Colour: Freshly painted nails to brighten up your day? Yes please! Spend a little time pampering yourself and give yourself a mani pedi. Go nuts with the colour and practise getting the polish neatly on the nail and not on your skin so your hands don’t look like they’re been playing with beetroot.

Whip Out Your Favourite Heels: We all know that as women we don’t have half as many hang ups with shoes as we do with clothing. Get your favourite shoes out and flaunt them. Your legs will look amazing, you’ll feel fantastic and your cost per wear will go down!

Wear Something You Don’t Need Spanx To Flaunt: You know what’s fabulous about being single? You can develop your own style, not worry about what you think your partner wants you to wear, you can own your body and refuse to wear those sweaty elastic restrictors that we all pretend we don’t own and we can be comfortable and stylish. A fit and flare or a wrap dress, a sunray pleated skirt, or a good pair of jeans and a fabulously flirty top are all great contenders and if you don’t have any of these things – that money you would have spent on Mr. Not Right Now could be allocated towards your self-development shopping fund. It’s just practical finance.

If you’re lacking outfit inspiration for what to wear when you’re single on valentines day – I’ve got you covered gorgeous!

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