What To Wear To Christmas Lunch

what to wear to christmas lunch

Many of us have mixed feelings about Christmas lunch, it’s a time to spend with your family, be thankful and eat until we’re definitely not zipping up our skinny jeans for at least a fortnight but it’s also a time that can be a little stressful when it comes to choosing what to wear.

Sometimes you’re seeing people you haven’t seen in a while and you want to look your best but still be comfortable in the warm December weather. So what should you wear?

The Relaxed Lunch:

Sandals, a nice dress or pant and top combo is great with a few gold or silver accessories mixed in. Choose fabrics with a little stretch in them or that don’t fit too close to the stomach as after lunch you’ll be thankful for elastane blends.

what to wear to christmas day lunch

Christmas Cocktails:

Wearing something a little more special is perfect for Christmas cocktails, throw on some heels comfortable enough to spend majority of your (upright) day in and pack a few face wipes and blotting tissues in your bag for the warmer weather so you don’t scare everyone off with your christmas scent and forehead shine. If Christmas day is exceptionally warm and outdoors, avoid darker colours as they attract the sun more and try to wear something in a lightweight or breathable fabric so you don’t get too warm.

If you’re headed to a slightly more formal event, you may need the helping hugs from some spanx or sucker-inners as I like to call them. If that’s the case and you’re dreading the heat and spanx mixture that is about to give you sweat in places you forgot you had, you might want to pop on over to my other article and read up on wearing spanx in summer.

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What to wear to christmas drinks

That Effortless Bitch wishes you a very chic christmas and a new year filled with great wardrobe choices, wonderful fabrics and sales!


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