Do It Yourself: Wardrobe Redesign

DIY Wardrobe Redesign | Organise Your Wardrobe | Storage Hacks

If you’ve been spending your time on Pinterest looking at wardrobe design and gorgeous walk-in closets, but you’re not so handy with a hammer – I have some very exciting news.

Put on your pointed toe steel cap heels and wear something mildly reflective because today I’m going to show you some fabulous ways to re-design your wardrobe, both built-in and stand alone so that you can shop your wardrobe like a stylist!

First things first, a wardrobe cannot be re-designed without a thorough culling. So if you haven’t done that, tools down. Step away from Ikea and retreat. I mean it. Open up my other article on giving your wardrobe a thorough spring cleaning and then you can strut back on over here feeling like you’ve literally got less baggage.

Now that you’re back from spring cleaning, you need to start sorting. Sort your wardrobe into sections. If you fancy yourself some thorough sectioning – subscribe to our mailing list and you’ll get exclusive access to downloadable content that’s made especially for those who are extra passionate about being effortlessly stylish. You can do that in the sidebar.

DIY Wardrobe Redesign | Organise Your Wardrobe | Storage Hacks

Sort your wardrobe into sections like jeans and casual pants, knits, tee’s, hanging pants, hanging tops and jackets and dresses. Don’t forget about sorting your shoes, organise these by height or colour and take them out of the boxes because when you can’t see what you own – you’re more likely not to use it.

Head over to your jewellery, if you’re an addict like me, you’re going to need to read my other post about storing your jewellery based on how much you have been sneaking into the house, If you’ve only got a few pieces, start planning your next jewellery box purchase.

Once you’ve done your sectioning, you’ll need to count how many items you plan to hang. Keep in mind that the more you can hang, the more likely you’ll see it and use it. This can include hanging scarves and bags if you have the room – but never hang your knits. We’ve spoken about this and we don’t have hanger marks in our shoulders.

DIY Wardrobe Redesign | Handbag and Accessories Storage | Organise Your Wardrobe | Storage Hacks

After counting the number of items you’ll be hanging, you’ll need to get yourself some fabulous space saving hangers. When redesigning your wardrobe, a huge aesthetic factor is having the same hangers. The space-saving ones are my favourite because they (you’ve probably guessed) save so much space and they look good AND are non slip. They’re the triple threat.


If you already have a wardrobe like a melamine Ikea one or a wooden stand-alone – you can easily paint or wallpaper the wardrobe to give it a simple facelift. Other exciting things you can do to make your renters wardrobe perkier are as follows:

Add wallpaper or mirrors: On the inside back wall of your wardrobe, adding a mirror will give the illusion of more space and will create a boutique feel. You can instead add wallpaper to the inner walls to work with the main colours of the inside of your wardrobe too. This looks great if you have a set colour palette of clothing or you’re one for a monotone looking wardrobe.

Change The Knobs: This is an inexpensive way to add a touch of luxury to the outside of your wardrobe. Changing an old wooden knob to a new steel one or even a glass knob can make the world of a difference.

If The Shelves Can Be Moved: Move them to create the perfect height shelves for what you’re actually needing them for. Unused space is a waste when you may already be struggling to fit everything in. If you purchased your wardrobe from IKEA, there are so many add-ons you can put in your wardrobe that will make the makeover process easier.

Use Triple Hangers: You know those pant hangers that can fit a few pairs of pants? They’re great for scarves. Use these to hang your scarves because again, if you can’t see them, you won’t use them! If you’ve got space on the inside of your doors, you can also hang towel rails on them to use for your scarves instead.

DIY Wardrobe Redesign | Handbag and Accessories Storage | Organise Your Wardrobe | Storage Hacks

Wardrobe Re-Design For Renters

If you’re renting a room that wasn’t originally a bedroom, you may not even have a wardrobe. The best thing you can do in this case is get yourself a nice looking clothing rack and take a trip to Ikea.

Try to group your clothing on your rack by colour to make the rack look more appealing and use the space under your bed to store things that get used in the opposite season, like coats. When you get to Ikea, if you’ve got the room, getting a cube shelf can provide an excellent amount of storage for your clothing.

You can store your shoes (heel to toe is the most space-saving method), fold your jeans and display your bags so that this shelf is not only a practical piece of furniture but a focal point in your bedroom.

Add an accent plant or nice standing lamp to finish the space off and don’t forget to colour code your wardrobe. Colour coding your wardrobe, in every section will always make your wardrobe look neater and more visually pleasing.

If you liked this post and it’s prompted you to give your wardrobe a little makeover, tag @alarnahope in your pictures online. Or if you need a little hand getting your wardrobe organised and you live in Sydney – I‘m always here to help!

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