The Groom’s Guide—Ebook!

You’re going to look great on your wedding day…
personal stylist Alarna Hope in her professional office in Sydney.

I’m Alarna Hope and I’ve helped many clients get ready for their wedding day—from coming up with an idea for a look to tying their bow-ties before walking the aisle.

One thing all of my clients had in common was that they didn’t know where to start.

They didn’t want to spend their life savings on what they were wearing and they wanted to look sharp.

They’d been to the Wedding Expos with their partners, looked for some pictures online and maybe even already tried some suits on—but it was overwhelming.

I’ve watched Brides & grooms get talked into garments that won’t last, are a bad fit and won’t photograph well.

I’ve listened to shop assistants, with little understanding of tailoring, throw around the words ‘just get it altered’ like it’s no big deal.
I’ve seen wedding photos where hems are uneven, sleeves are too long and collars are squeezing necks.

Trust me, I’ve seen it all.

Thank you, Alarna! So much of this knowledge can be applied outside of my wedding, I wear a suit to work and this guide is going to come in handy.

Ryan, Bondi

So I created a guide to put an end to all the drama!

There are things in this book that never would have crossed my mind until I saw it in my wedding photos. I’m happy I found it when I did.

Simon, Katoomba
The Groom’s Guide is a crash course in styling yourself and your groomsmen for your wedding day.
The Grooms Guide - The Styling Guide For Grooms & Groomsmen


  • Creating the perfect outfit for you and your Groomsmen whether you’re starting from scratch or already have some ideas on what to wear.
  • Suiting Lingo to get you in and out of the stores with the best suits you can buy.
  • A crash-course in quality, so you’re not left with loose threads and empty pockets.
  • A Fit Guide to get the best fit off the rack and minimise alterations.
  • Tips and illustrations for picking the right shoes and accessories plus how to wear them.
  • A Budgeting Guide so you know what you’re spending your money on and why.
  • A Tailoring Checklist that you can follow word-for-word at the tailors.
  • A list of photo no-no’s that will make your wedding photos instantly better.
The Grooms Guide - Ebook Mockup

My wife got me this when we were planning our wedding and just understanding the different fit of suiting and the quality tiers saved us heaps of money. I wouldn’t have known what I was buying without it.

Kieran, Wollongong
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