What To Wear To School Pick Up

What To Wear To School Pick Up

Now I must admit, I haven’t been in a school for years.
I don’t have children and I like to keep a safe distance from un-hemmed pants, scuffed black shoes and the overwhelming scent of body spray, but when living in Sydney, it’s easy to pass the schools and see the general dress code that’s going on between mothers.

how to look tall in flats preview image in black flats

How To Look Tall In Flats

As someone who gets her cardio from walking around shopping centres in a brisk fashion and running up escalators the wrong way because I saw an item for a client as I got half way down, I know just how important a great pair of flats is and what an impact they can have on an outfit. One of the common things I hear clients say when trying on a new item is ‘I’ll have to wear heels with this.’

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