Stylish Plus Size Swimwear For Effortless Bitches

Capriosca Plus Size Swimwear Australia

When summer comes around, we often find ourselves walking past swimwear stores with one thought ‘Oh god, it’s that time again,’ and as someone whose only ever burned and jiggled in the sun myself, I’m part of that squad too.

But when the weather permits, we need swimwear that’s not only functional, non-see-though and affordable, but we also need something that says ‘this is my style’, and a lovely brand called Capriosca Swimwear from the sunshine state of Queensland is catering for those of us who have curves, style and are craving a dip but want to look good in the process!

When I’m shopping with clients for swimwear, I put as much emphasis on dressing for your shape as I would any other item of clothing. If you’ve got a long torso, full pieces can be difficult to find. If your bust doubles as a fabulous floatation device, thick adjustable straps with underwire support are a must, and if you’re conscious of your mid section or thigh area, you’d also like a little strategic ruching or pattern to disguise this. I get you!

plus size swimwear capriosca

I myself have the issue that my bust is just a little too concave for structured cups so I like knowing I can adjust the straps to suit my chest, so I’m not providing extra buckets of water for the sand castles I plan to make on the beach later. So, understandably, when I got my hands on Capriosca’s latest look book I was excited.

Getting a look book sent to me reminds me of the feeling I get when I put on my favourite movie, The Devil Wears Prada. I get inspired, nibble on something sweet and look through it, thinking of all the ways I can take over the Fashion Industry. It’s ritualistic and provides me with time to research items that could work for particular clients.

This look book had me thinking ‘I can look wet and chic at the same time’ and ‘I can jiggle while I swim, Baywatch run and order cocktails and I can look damn good doing it!’ and then I thought ‘I really need to bring a wide tooth comb to the beach so I can get that cute slick back ‘Darling, pass me my towel’ hairstyle that completes the look!

plus size brands australia capriosca swimwear

So this post is a friendly introduction to a plus size swimwear brand you might want to consider for your next frolic along the beach and a little bit of a guide for those of you wanting swimwear that’s as effortlessly chic as you are. And, as-per-usual I’ve hand picked some of my favourite styles for those of you with curves in all the right places!

Okay, Darling, do you:

Have a full bust and slim legs?

capriosa swimwear plus size swimwear australia

Want to show off that waist?

capriosa swimwear plus size swimwear australia

Have a toosh worth the look?

capriosca swim wear plus size swimwear australia

You can get yourself a gorgeous set of Capriosca swimwear for your next dip by checking out Capriosca’s stockists! Visit Capriosca’s website here and get whisked away to a sunnier place!

This post has been sponsored by Capriosca Swimwear, for That Effortless Bitch. You can rest effortlessly knowing that we only take on sponsors that provide something we’re passionate about.


  1. Avatar for Braelin

    I seriously love these swimsuits. Most plus sized suits are just desperately trying to “cover you up” – I love that these give something to show off!

  2. Avatar for Dana

    This is a great post not only because you give great insights into how you approach swimsuits, but also easy ways to figure out what you’d like to know best. I know you this is a sponsored post – but it is clearly a valuable one because it’s useful in a meaningful way. Congrats.

  3. Avatar for sammy

    I’m one of those women who loves summer and the beach but hates wearing swimwear. like you I am a stylist who knows my body and how to dress for my shape. I agree with you about finding a brand that works for you and make you feel even a little bit better about yourself.
    Regards Sammy from Unzipped Fashion Source

  4. Avatar for devil wears prada

    Stylish Plus Size Swimwear For Effortless Bitches – That Effortless Bitch – Are you sure???

    1. Avatar for ALARNA HOPE

      Hello Gorgeous! I’m not sure what you mean, am I sure of what?

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