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Sometimes having a wardrobe full of clothing and nothing to wear isn’t because you hold on to too much clothing, it’s because of the way you shop.

One thing that I’ve learned while running my styling business is that we don’t just have too much clothing in our wardrobe because we struggle to reason with ourselves when decluttering it. Some of us are actually quite good at decluttering on our own. Often having a wardrobe that’s bursting at the seams is caused by our shopping strategy or lack of, so to ensure my clients and fellow Effortless Bitches could get past that in style, I decided to write a mini ebook about it.

In the last two months, I’ve been so busy that just this last long weekend was the first time I’ve been able to take a day off. The change of season can prompt most of us to declutter and refill our wardrobes with new season items to get us through the colder months. I’ve worked with clients with wardrobes so packed they’ve forgotten about some of the items they have and others who have a very minimal wardrobe but still no clothing they actually like. I’ve had clients who have bought because they saw a good price and couldn’t think of the use of the item and others who have purchased excellent quality items for a good price but already have many other great quality pieces.

One thing all of my clients, both male and female have in common is that they struggle to shop. Now that retail is struggling to beat online shopping, retailers have had to step up their selling strategy to get customers to shop and we’re the ones suffering through it.

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In my ebook I discuss the importance of knowing your regular routine before you shop, it’s like shopping for groceries when you know you’ve got a certain number of dinners and lunches to make plus those other snacks and whatever you want to eat for breakfast. If you shop without these things in mind, or without a list, you can come home with a bunch of things you didn’t need that don’t actually work together and leave you with a pantry full of food but not much to make with it.

I teach you about retailers new selling strategies that are getting you even when you’re in the privacy of a fitting room and how you’re being conditioned into thinking you need to shop more regularly. By the end of the ebook, you should feel like you’re in a better position to shop smarter and make more informed decisions so that what is in your wardrobe is a collection of clothing perfect for your lifestyle, taste and body.

This Ebook is to be the first of many on different subjects that affect the way women shop, dress and hold on to clothing. It’s available in pdf format and can be opened on iPads, phones and computers. Visit the store, or click on one of the images above to get yourself a copy!

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