How To Stay Warm In Winter

How To Stay Warm In Winter

How To Stay Warm In Winter And Still Have Great Winter Style | Outfit Ideas & Winter Fashion Tips From Stylist Alarna Hope

As Australians, we’re used to warm weather and winters that really aren’t that cold, but every winter, we seem to get surprised by the fact that we do indeed need to rug up so we don’t spend all of winter high on Codral, using up all our sick days when we should be saving them for the next time Michael Buble is in town.


So, in light of the chilly weather and the constant craving to wear all that is black and chunky, REFRAIN, because I’ve got some fabulous tips for you!


Wear More Wool


There’s a reason men’s suits are made from it because it keeps you cool in summer and warm in winter! It’s a magnificent fabric and no other fabric can do this for you! Wool trousers, jackets, knitwear and scarves will help to keep you feeling toasty while looking timeless and stylish!


If You’re Not A Sweater


As in the glistening because of body heat type, not the cute knitwear version. When not wearing wool you should opt for a few more synthetic fabrics. Synthetics are avoided like the plague for women who sweat profusely, or are experiencing menopause, so for those of us who really feel the cold, opting for synthetic fabrics like polyester, nylon and viscose/rayon will help to keep the heat in!


If You Are A Sweater


You probably enjoy winter a little more for this reason, and to further enjoy it, wear wool and silk more often, however, if you worry about body odour, silk can retain your scents, so get yourself some temporary underarm patches off Ebay and they’ll save you some serious sweat patches!


Why You’re Cold


The bodies main focus when keeping your body warm is to keep your head warm. When your fingers and toes are freezing, this is usually because your body has decided your head is too cold and is moving blood from the hands and feet to your head. So, where should we start when it’s icy cold outside? With our fabulous head! Of course, this means we’ll have more time to get ready because who is going to see that hair? No one!

how to stay warm in winter

How To Stay Warm In Winter Check List:




Your head will sacrifice the heat of any other body part to keep itself warm, so throw on a beanie or a cute felt hat and for gods-sake, don’t take it off unless you want hat hair.




You don’t want to get a chill, so layering up around your torso is paramount. No one will see your thermal when you layer it under a nice top and jacket, so be warm, stylish and practical with one!




Because your feet are the closest to the cold floor, wearing your thin, everyday flats may not cut it. If they have to, you should put a soft, thick inner sole in them, but if you want to invest in something a little more winter-esque, some boots or shoes with a decent sole on them will do the trick.




The great thing about scarves is that they bring attention to our glorious faces, keep us warm and help us make dramatic room exits when we flick them over our shoulders – don’t venture outside in the cold air without one!




I love winter because I don’t have to expose my legs so much! In winter, your legs can easily be disguised with a lovely pair of pants or cute stockings. Pale or patchy legs? Who’s gonna know? Forgot (conveniently) to shave? Forgettaboutit! With the cold weather, your bare legs aren’t an issue and you can prance across the street in gorgeous trousers in style!




These days, wearing gloves and having a mobile phone just doesn’t seem to go hand in hand (gloves pun! – get it?), especially because most of our technology is touch-screen. Luckily there are some lovely brands who make gorgeous fingerless gloves that don’t make you look like you’ll fight someone in a shopping centre! Check them out!


Why You Should Wear Layers


Think of your body like a house, in order to keep it warm, you need to fill it with furniture, rugs and build in insulation. Your layers act in the exact same way to keep the warm air that escapes from your body heat, within your clothing so that you can stay warmer. Wearing layers is especially helpful if you’re heading in and out of buildings or rooms all day and don’t want to catch a nasty case of runny noses. Not chic.


Why Refraining From Blobbing Is Important


Blobbing is a technical Effortless Bitch term that I use to describe the non-effortless bitches who throw on unshaped dark clothing in an attempt to be warm, I find these usually go hand in hand with red noses and the unmistakable scent of Vapour Rub. The reasons for refraining from such a thing should be self-explanatory, but just in case, refraining from blobbing is important because looking like a blob is not chic.


Now go out and frolic in the cold like the Effortless Bitch you are!


Alarna Hope

Alarna Hope is a fashion stylist and writer based in Sydney, she's considered an expert in her field as a personal stylist and is also quite good at writing about herself in the third person. She cries during movie makeover scenes, has a jar of Nutella under her bed for safety and can tell you the synopsis of every Kath and Kim episode ever. She currently resides in Sydney with her Oscar-worthy cat, Meryl Streep.

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