How To Shop For Accessories

How to shop for accessories like a personal stylist | Alarna Hope shares her tips for shopping in each accessories category.

Every time I meet a new client and look through their wardrobe one of the first things I do is check out their accessories collection.

While I’ve never known of anyone with as many accessories as myself apart from Iris Apfel, I’m always amazed at just how many women are walking around un-accessorised. Now, I know shopping for accessories isn’t a top priority and I’m making it sound more severe than it actually is, but without accessories, your wardrobe is dull.

There, I said it. Dull.

And you know what else is dull? Waking up every morning feeling like you’ve got nothing to wear, even though you’ve got a wardrobe full of clothing. So, before you click back thinking this article isn’t for you, pause your perfectly manicured fingers because you’re about to be let in on every effortlessly chic woman’s secret.

Accessories are an inexpensive tool used to update your wardrobe. A plain t-shirt and jeans can look styled with a long stranded necklace and any work outfit combo will look more polished with a watch. You can visit stores like Collette and Lovisa for quick, inexpensive pieces or you can visit retailers like Mimco and Amber Sceats for something a touch fancier, or even take a stroll into a higher end jeweller for something more long term. With the addition of even two necklaces to your wardrobe, you will discover how easy it is to add a bit of oomph to your outfit.

In this weeks post, I decided to narrow down on some important factors to consider when buying accessories as it’s an area many women feel unequipped for. These are for the basics you need to get started and they will vastly improve your wardrobe.

Marc By Marc Jacobs Watch

How To Shop For Accessories – The Basics

No matter what, anytime you buy an item for your wardrobe, whether it’s clothing or accessories, it should suit your style. If you don’t know what your style is, this post can help you get started on defining it. If you do know your style, make sure each accessory you buy reflects that.

The Watch

Every woman needs one, especially those in the workforce. It’s a symbol of organisation, maturity and togetherness and it also adds a little interest to your outfit. Always pick a watch with a metal on it that you wear the most. I wear gold all the time, so I chose gold, but when I started to wear silver, I got a silver one too so that my metals always matched. Pick either gold, silver, rose gold or leather and opt for a timeless style for your first watch purchase. Once you have the basic classic watch, you can then go and get something a little different, but until then, stick to the classics and they’ll stick by you.

The Simple Necklace

When you buy a necklace and you don’t normally wear one, you shouldn’t be buying something you’ll only wear on special occasions. Get a necklace you can wear on an everyday basis. This could be something as simple as a gold chain or a collar necklace with a simple design. Pick something that is just one colour, like gold or silver so you can wear it with most of your clothing. A necklace that sits high on your chest should be the first type of necklace you buy, as this will bring attention to your face and suit most necklines.

Everyday Earrings

You don’t have to live in sleepers or studs, you can change it up a little but one thing you should do when you’re shopping for earrings is to think about how sensitive your ears are. If you have sensitive skin or allergies towards costume jewellery, you can swap out the hooks on your dangly earrings to silver or gold. Your basics in jewellery should be a pair of studs and a pair of dangly earrings. Again, a plain metal is your starting point, once you have this you can opt for some colour. A great rule when looking at earring shapes is to find a shape that is opposite to the shape of your face. For example; if you have a round face, choose a more angular shape or if you have a long face, a shorter style will work well. When buying costume jewellery, remember to clean the part that goes inside your ear before putting it in.


I think hands look lovely with a ring or two on them. This doesn’t have to always be your wedding ring, I wear a simple pear shaped cocktail ring on my middle finger every day and it just adds a little something to my outfits. You don’t need a diamond, a simple band can do the trick. Always buy your rings in a metal you love and ensure your metal colour matches your other core jewellery items like your watch, necklace and earrings.


Scarves are exceptional styling tools, especially for those who get warm easily! If you aim to buy mid-weight scarves like cotton or silk, they’ll keep you warm but stop you from over-heating. You’ll also be able to wear mid-weight scarves all year round in Australia. Before you buy your scarves, fully open them up and check the size of them. Make sure you can wrap them in the way you want to so that there’s not too much or not enough fabric. Pick scarves in complementary colours to your personal style and colours that make your complexion glow. If you buy scarves in colours that look great on you, when it’s cold and you have a runny nose or are a bit under the weather, you won’t look as sick or tired.


It’s so easy to accumulate handbags, but keep them streamlined and only buy bags that you have matching metal details for. Check the zips, buckles or if there are any clasps that are metallic and make sure they match your jewellery. Don’t buy a bag with silver on it, if you only wear gold. Make sure the bag feels comfortable to hold, find a mirror in the store you’re in and check the bag doesn’t overpower your figure (particularly if you’re petite!).

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