Start Shopping for Accessories like an Effortless Bitch!

Start Shopping for Accessories like an Effortless Bitch!

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Every time I meet a new client and look through their wardrobe one of the first things I do is check out their accessories collection.


While I’ve never known of anyone with as many accessories as myself apart from Iris Apfel, I’m always amazed at just how many women are walking around un-accessorised. Now, I know shopping for accessories isn’t a top priority and I’m making it sound more severe than it actually is, but without accessories, your wardrobe is dull.


There, I said it. Dull.


And you know what else is dull? Waking up every morning feeling like you’ve got nothing to wear, even though you’ve got a wardrobe full of clothing. So, before you click back thinking this article isn’t for you, pause your perfectly manicured fingers because you’re about to be let in on every effortlessly chic woman’s secret.


Accessories are an inexpensive tool used to update your wardrobe. A plan t-shirt and jeans can look styled with a long stranded necklace and any work outfit combo will look more polished with a watch. You can visit stores like Collette and Lovisa for quick, inexpensive pieces or you can visit retailers like Mimco and Amber Sceats for higher end designs. With the addition of even two necklaces to your wardrobe, you will discover how easy it is to add a bit of oomph to your outfit.


In this weeks post, I decided to narrow down on some important core jewellery pieces for women who barely wear jewellery, these are the only basics you need to get started and they will vastly improve your wardrobe.



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Marc By Marc Jacobs Watch
Marc By Marc Jacobs

The Watch: Every woman needs one, especially those in the workforce. It’s a symbol of organisation, maturity and togetherness and it also adds a little interest to your outfit. Pick either gold, silver or leather and opt for a classic style for your first watch purchase. Once you have the basic classic watch, you can then go and get something a little different, but until then, stick to the classics and they’ll stick by you.

Necklace: Witchery

The Plain Necklace: This should be in the metal that suits you best or the metal you wear most, opt for something that sits high on your chest if you want to wear it to work as that will help to bring attention to your face.

Mimco Necklace

The Statement Necklace: Have a bit of fun with this, when you purchase your accessories from costume jewellery stores like Lovisa and Collette, you can afford to be a bit trend focused, buy something bolder that feels fun and exciting. If you’re wider in the shoulders, opt for longer styles that hang around your stomach area. If you want to bring more attention to your face or neckline, wear one that sits up on your chest close to your collar bone.






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