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Sagitine Wardrobe Care | Natural Ingredients and products

If you live in a city area, you may have clothing dry-cleaned more often than you’d like and the money you spend on it per month is probably a sum you’d rather not think about.

Regardless of where you live; you might be sending your leather jackets, belts, bags and shoes towards their graves earlier than intended with improper care and you might even be letting your wardrobe get infested with nasty little pests and critters without even knowing it!

Because I’m always asked about the best care products out there for your wardrobe, I wanted to share with you a brand that I love who have an amazing range of natural products. It’s called Sagitine.

I don’t know many people that are as passionate about wardrobe care as myself but when Sagitine introduced their products to me I felt like I’d struck gold. Finally, some souls who knew how I felt about sad cracked leather, annoying makeup stains and moths lurking in the shadows of the darkest parts of your wardrobe! I no longer had to over-investigate stains to find their origin and treat them – I had the holy water of stain remover and since then, I’ve been a believer.

The Garment Groom stain removal spray is the best stain remover I’ve ever used. The first night I received the package in the mail, I remember running into my room to test it out and it worked wonders and dried so quickly.

I felt that excited about it that when I saw my mother I wiped foundation on her favourite Sheridan tea towels and showed her and it came out straight away. After trying this, they’d won me over and since then I’ve been using their cedar blocks, muslin bags, aromatic pouches and their leather cleaners and conditioners.

If you’re in the market for a great stain removal product, this is the one I recommend to all of my clients and while you’re on their website, perhaps remind yourself of those gorgeous leather goods you keep in your wardrobe that you haven’t conditioned recently. Perhaps it’s time for a little TLC to keep your clothing in mint condition and your style effortless!

The sizes of all of their products are generous, the cedar packs have enough in them per wardrobe for a year and I’ve had one of their aromatic pouches for over three years now and it still hasn’t lost its scent.

What are some of your favourite wardrobe care products?

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