Top 40 Petite Clothing Brands – Sydney, Australia & Online

Women's Petite Clothing Brands in Sydney, Australia and Online

Shopping for petite clothing brands in Sydney, Australia or Online can be tough, so I’ve got my top 40 petite brands narrowed down for you in this handy little list!

There’s no denying that some brands fit can be really out of whack, sometimes it’s because they’ve got a fit model with a completely different shape to us and sometimes it’s our height that lets us down when we’re just trying to get something that doesn’t make us look like we’re wearing someone else’s clothing. Should it really be that hard?

Contrary to popular belief, petite sizing is not made for smaller clothing sized people. Many petite brands stock from size 4 to 16 and that’s because petite clothing is made for women who are 5’4′ and shorter. Now, with this news, I may have just solved your fit problems if you’ve been shopping petite ranges as a taller woman – the good news is that you can retreat to some different brands and taller woman options. Hooray!

On the other hand, if you constantly find yourself struggling to find appropriately fitting clothing as a 5’4′ or shorter woman, then you’ve come to the right place. In today’s post, I’m narrowing down a go-to guide that will be added to over time to include a range of petite fitting brands for us smaller packages.

The below brands either carry ranges specifically for petite women or run smaller in proportion. Over my time working as a Stylist so far, I’ve discovered that the brands on this list that don’t specifically stock petite ranges run small and have worked well for my petite clients – hopefully, you have the same success!

Top 40 Petite Clothing Brands Sydney, Australia & Online

  • Banana Republic
  • Miss Selfridge
  • Loft
  • Lauren by Ralph Lauren
  • All About Eve
  • Teen Fashion Departments of Myer & DJ’s have naturally shorter and smaller makes.
  • ModCloth
Petite clothing brands in Sydney Australia | Personal Stylist, Alarna Hope shares her top 40 petite fashion brands for women in Sydney on online.
petite clothing sydney australia
Marcs & Ted Baker

Petite Clothing Sydney, Australia & Online

  • Marcs (No longer stocks a size 4)
  • Ted Baker
  • Witchery Cropped Denim Jeans
  • Forever New
  • French Connection
  • General Pants Co (multiple brands)
  • Tokito
  • Miss Shop
  • Regatta Petites
  • Jane Lamerton Petites
  • Basque Petites
  • Review
  • Uniqlo
  • Jigsaw
  • Veronika Maine
  • Simply Kate
  • Target Petites
  • Dotti
petite clothing sydney australia
Jigsaw & Anthropologie

Petite Clothing Sydney, Australia & Online

  • ASOS
  • Topshop
  • Anthropologie
  • Theory
  • Express
  • Boden
  • Paige
  • American Eagle Outfitters
  • Dorothy Perkins
  • Citizens Of Humanity
  • Gap
  • Ann Taylor
  • Farage
  • Eileen Fisher
petite clothing sydney australia

Bra & Lingerie Brands To Fit Petite Women

  • Chloe & Lola
  • Kayser
  • Lovable
  • Nicci’s Smalls
  • The Little Bra Company

Further Reading:

If you want to read some reviews on bra’s for small busts – you can read my post here!

Next time you’re shopping for petite clothing in Sydney, Australia or online, refer to this list or take a sneaky screenshot to keep it handy. If you found this guide super helpful or you think there’s any great brands missing – leave some comments below!

Don’t forget to checkout my Alterations For Petites article too, as once you’ve done your shopping, you may need some tweaks to make the garment look perfect from every angle.


  1. Avatar for neha goyal

    Dresses are quite stylish & fashionable. Thank you for sharing this blog.

  2. Avatar for neha goyal

    Thank you for sharing it.

  3. Avatar for Ronda

    Thank you for putting this information out. I have also done checking in the US and designs are fitted for “petite” individuals who are by modeling standards 5’’ 7” to 5’5”. The individuals at several agencies and clothing companies whom I talked to said that this was normal/standard across the board and when I explained that that is Not the case and that petite is classified as 5’ and under and proportions are not the same as a model of 5’7” they went into a cranky tizzy speech and hung up. Apparently, they don’t like the facts brought to their attention.
    Stay unique Ladies, Great things come in small packages. As in person told me we are perfect because we are fun sized.

    1. Avatar for ALARNA HOPE

      It certainly can be frustrating. Even now with sizing no longer being standard in Australia, we just have to keep trying brands to see what works for us!

  4. Avatar for Fiona

    Hello, thanks for your fabulous blog!,
    Uniqulo has excellent sizing and proportions for us. Neat tailoring and classic simple stylish basics for work, with iron- free fabrics.
    Pavement stores say they have a big adult following too. A bit patchy …. but now ( March 2018) have faux leather and Autumn dresses. Definitely worth dropping in from time to time especially at the start of the season. .
    Piper Petites at DJs have interesting things but more taller petites will find things there .
    Country Road is for big tall people but they cater for their young women now and offer 4-6 pieces per season of size 6 mini skirts and cropped skinny jeans- very slimming cut, 1-3 cropped dressy tops, but they are worth checking in for.
    French Connection ( DJs & Myer too) have some shorter unstructured cuts in pencil skirts
    Princess Highway( groovy Boho Melbourne label available in Myer ) – popular with uni students. Review have neat cropped cardigans in fabulous colours as a staple and pencil skirts in neat cuts perfect for 145 cm like me:) Best of luck! Stay happy:)

    1. Avatar for ALARNA HOPE

      Thanks Fiona, this is great information – I’ll update the post with some of this. Happy Easter and have a fabulous week! x

    2. Avatar for Eloise Hansen

      The average height of Australian women is 163cm. Therefore the average Australian woman is petite. Petite ranges are catering to the average Australian woman. And they are so limited.

  5. Avatar for Kate Ryan

    Hi, I am a petite, petite – 152 cm and 40 kilo. Thanks for your article. I find clothes shopping very stressful as almost nothing fits and even petite brands, although designed for shorter people, still don’t seem to cater for people who are tiny all over (size 2-4). I do, however, find that I can get perfect fitting trousers, dresses and jackets from Marcs and have also started shopping at Pavement (girls size 12). I recently had a very good shopping session at Miss Shop in Myer and found the brand Lulu and Rose was really nice, stylish , pretty and still suitable for an adult. Seed also have the occasional thing that fits.

    1. Avatar for ALARNA HOPE

      Miss Shop is fantastic, they’re designed for teenagers but there’s so much to choose from. I also love Marcs for petites, I’m interested to see how Marcs go now that the company has changed owners. I’m hoping they stick to their sizing, I’ve already noticed a few small changes in fabrics of garments that are top sellers for them. I hope Marcs stays just as good as it’s always been!

  6. Avatar for Kathryn Grounds

    Very few of these brands are actually petites…. they don’t adapt for the ratio of someone measuring under 5 foot 4 they just have small sizes…

    1. Avatar for Alarna Hope

      Hello Kathryn,

      Thanks for reading!

      Not all of these brands carry a specific Petites range, but over my time shopping with clients, I’ve discovered these brands run in shorter proportions and have worked well for my petite clients. Ie; Marcs run small in the crotch, leg length and cut smaller armholes, Ted Baker and Forever New the same (and Forever New now has a specific Petites range). Uniqlo has also been a favourite for smaller proportions.

      I hope you find the clothing you’re looking for! xx

  7. Avatar for Susan Brenner

    I am 150cm tall and weigh 37kg. Even Marcs XXX/4 I have to have altered!
    I love the style and quality of Marcs’ range. Their customer service is great too. I have been a loyal customer for some time.
    I just found out (September 2019) that Marcs are no longer making XXX/4.
    Thought I’d pass this on. Very sad 🙁

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