The Style Guide For Women Who Are Over It & Just Want To Look Good

That Effortless B - Personal Style Book Title Page

When I started as a Fashion Stylist, I struggled to find enough resources my clients could use to guide them through finding and maintaining a style that suits them.

There are lots of personal style books that can help you build your style. But one thing I noticed is that so many of them were based on body shapes, trends, walk-in wardrobes and hefty budgets. They spoke of swapping a shoe and bag to change your outfit, or having that standard LBD and black blazer – but they forgot the nitty-gritty.

From tears over tummies, the emotional roller coaster that is inconsistent sizing, hard-to-fit feet and asymmetrical boobs. To sucker-inner-ers, fitting room drama and buyers remorse that could range anywhere from buying because it was payday to developing an addiction to shopping and not knowing how to quit it.

There was so much that wasn’t being talked about, and I knew why people were hiring me, instead of using all the guides out there.

Some topics weren’t sexy, or were embarrassing to admit and many women thought the problems they had with dressing confidently and finding their style was something only they experienced.

Sneak preview of That Effortless B - The style guide for women - desktop and tablet preview.

So I got typing, for seven years, and during that time, I developed my skills, worked with many more clients and honed my book.

That Effortless Bitch is the result of the women who trusted me, not only to help them dress in a way that emulated their personal style, but made them feel good. Women who let me in their wardrobes, shared their insecurities, showed me the parts of their bodies they struggled to have positive thoughts about and they put in my hands something I feel is so essential – expressing their personality through clothing.

Honestly, I was just over how low-priority the real dramas with dressing and self-confidence were, in so many guides, marketed to women. So, if you wake up in the morning and don’t feel thrilled about what you see, either in the mirror or your wardrobe, you don’t know where to start, or have tried and failed to find your style – I wrote a book for you.

My Ebook, That Effortless Bitch is a book for women who are done with all the B.S. magazines how-to’s, It-girls and basic advice.

That Effortless Bitch covers you no matter what size or shape you are, whether you’re 20 or 80, pre/post-baby, menopausal or a fluctuator in weight. It covers you whether you’ve got a budget for Target or Yves Saint Laurent.

It is my biggest package, The Style Makeover, but in DIY form, with more written information than my clients could take on without at least a dozen coffees in them.

Laptop and desktop preview of That Effortless B

What’s in That Effortless Bitch?

My ebook is eight chapters, over 500 pages long. It’s filled with information covering how to get inspiration for your style, finding what it is and articulating it, working it into your routine and decluttering your wardrobe. My book covers shoes, shapewear, bras, undies, washing, alterations, fit, wardrobe malfunctions and even tricky sales tactics that have us buying more.

Who would benefit most from reading this book?

If dressing sometimes gets you down, or you would love the help of a Personal Stylist but can’t get to one for whatever reason – this book is for you. It’s a personal style book you can save to your phone, tablet or computer and use when you need it and follow the activities at a pace that suits you.

Will you be doing a version for men?

I wrote this book with women in mind who want to find their style, maintain it and evolve it over time. I’m currently working on a men’s book and can’t wait to get it out there!

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