The New Years Resolution And Going Down A Size

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Ah, January 1st. That time of year when we’re all reminded to dust off our hideously stiff running shoes, strap our boobs down with sports bras and be #blessed and #eatclean until we develop summer bodies just in time for winter.

Maybe it was the recent Victoria’s Secret show that put the nail in the coffin for me, or the crazy prices I saw on a recent sports bra (cue; scoffing) that turned me off, but can I just point out that if Victoria’s Secret models have to crash diet for weeks before the show and refrain from drinking water pre-show so their muscles look extra toned – than what hope does that leave for the rest of us?

I wanted to use today’s blog post to point out the things we need to start considering more so that we can lead happier, more confident and effortlessly bitchy lives – instead of focusing on our annual ‘New Year, New Me’ crash diets.

One thing I hear on a regular basis from clients and friends is that their bodies aren’t like someone elses. Gorgeous, our bodies are like custom Vera Wang gowns. We’re all a little different, we’re exclusive, fabulous and expensive. Sometimes we have fat days, but that only makes us more strategically chic dressers. And we have things about our bodies that we love (my backside is large and I love it!) and we should start to focus on the positives before focusing on the negatives.

This week I want you to really think about your confidence and the style you want that will make you happy. It’s time to focus on what makes something your style, what clothes make you feel a million bucks and what outfits would you wear that would make you see your reflection in the mirror and think ‘That bitch stole my look!’

Jump on Pinterest and create a board that reflects a style you would be excited to have then visit your closet and pull out anything that makes you feel less than fabulous and write a list of what you need. There will be no more ‘Goal weight jeans’!

POSITIVE 2: Our imperfections give us opportunities!

We’ve been conditioned for a long time into thinking our bodies aren’t perfect, but they’re not meant to be. There’s meant to be parts that jiggle, parts that wrinkle and dimple – our thighs are supposed to shimmy sometimes! What we’re not supposed to do is tell ourselves all the things that are wrong with our bodies every time we get dressed. So this month, I want you to think about the parts of your body that you love and emphasise those areas. You have a shape that others envy and there’s clothing you can wear that others can’t – remind yourself of that.

Planning some more dates for the new year and need some outfit ideas?

self love checklist body positive blog

POSITIVE 3: Embrace your curves!

The reason I don’t focus on teaching the standard body shape tips to my clients is that they’re designed to slim your biggest part, even if you don’t have a problem with that area. Curvy thighs and round bum? The pear and hourglass shape tips will have you covering that up with the hopes your top half can be the focus. Two lovely ladies on your chest? The strawberry shape says to strap those ladies down and cover them up! On my site, we’re not ashamed of our curvy bits, we embrace them and accentuate our favourite features. Don’t look to the body shape tips for help, focus on your style, fit and quality and you’ll look better than ever.

Join the thousands of other fabulous men and women who focus on fit over size labels and style over weight and subcribe below. Get your cardio workout at the shops and lead by example for your beautiful children so that they learn to grow up thinking being body positive is normal. What are you waiting for?

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