Mens Wardrobes That Will Inspire You To Makeover Your Wardrobe

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Mens Wardrobes That Will Inspire You To Makeover Your Wardrobe

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Since starting my business I’ve really enjoyed organising wardrobes.


An organised wardrobe helps clients to see exactly what they own so that getting dressed is simple and adding duplicates of an item is avoided. When I start organising a client’s wardrobe, I love to start by making sure all of the hangers are the same. It makes such a difference to the overall look and ensures that clothing is hanging at the same level throughout.


When making over your own wardrobe, you should make it pleasing to look at. Think of it like a mini shop that you feel good entering. Merchandise your wardrobe and put your favourite things on display. Hang all of your clothing the same way, by style, and add lighting in dark areas so you can really see what you have.

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Care For Your Wardrobe



Taking care of your clothing by folding your jeans and knits and putting pesticide repellents into your wardrobe can pay you back tenfold. An apartment or home that gets humid or moist throughout the year is likely to contribute to mould build up and even silverfish. Products that you can buy from the supermarket, like DampRid, can help take the moisture out and cedar blocks, found in most Kmarts, Howards Storage World stores and Targets also help to prevent moths and various bugs getting into your threads. Change these every six months for the best effect.

Men's Wardrobe Inspiration
Men's Wardrobe Inspiration

Make Your Wardrobe Look Like A Designer Fit Out


Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need a high-end wardrobe fit out to get a high end, highly practical look. Many of these wardrobes look great for a few reasons. The lighting is well placed, above each cabinet or as part of a shelf. The shelves line up evenly with one another and thicker melamine or wood makes the wardrobe look more expensive.



You could buy an Ikea wardrobe, change the handles and add wallpaper to the inside back of each cabinet for a more high-end look. If your wardrobe is particularly dark and lighting isn’t enough, add mirror sheets to the inside back of each cabinet. This will spread the light and make your wardrobe look brighter and larger.



Don’t forget that other furniture and décor can make your wardrobe look amazing. Decorative boxes could hold your cufflinks and smaller accessories, baskets or small cases could hold off season clothing like your knits during summer. You can utilise book ends to keep your folded clothing neat or sculptural bathroom hooks and rails for belts, ties and scarves. Furniture pieces like bookshelves and armoires covert well into spaces for folded clothing and footwear too.

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