How To Wear Wide Leg Jeans In Winter

Alarna Hope showing how to wear wide leg jeans in winter.

Jeans are such a go-to for winter casual and smart casual dressing, but every now and then we need to get out of our comfort zones and try a new shape. So this week I’m showing you how to wear wide leg jeans in winter and what to look for when buying your first pair.

This week I made a video showing five ways you can style your wide leg jeans as well as gave you a range of tips on styling them but if you’ve finished watching or can’t watch and want to read my tips – here they are:

How To Wear Wide Leg Jeans In Winter | Fit Guide + LOOKBOOK

Getting The Right Fit:

It’s important to buy these types of jeans made from 100% cotton, not a super stretchy style denim. The fabric composition matters because not only will 100% cotton last longer, it will mould to your body better and allow you to wear-in your jeans in the right places.

Next, you want to ensure you have a nice firm fit across your thighs and backside, as this is the most fitted area of the wide-leg jean. Your jeans need to be tight, not so tight the zip is gaping open, but tight enough that you feel a little restricted. Remember, these jeans are going to stretch out, in fact, the day you try them on in-store is the tightest they’ll ever be!

How To Style Wide Leg Jeans In Winter!

Emphasise The Waist: When you’re wearing these pants, because of the shape they create on the lower half of your body, your waist should be highlighted to ensure you don’t shorten your shape or make yourself look blocky.

Tuck & Belt: These pants work really well when tucking in tops, or wearing a belt. They not only help to show off that waist a bit more but will bring the eye up, making you look taller!

Add A Long Coat: I love the way these jeans look with a long coat, you can definitely wear them with a blazer but, the long coat helps to make you look long in these jeans. The reason I keep mentioning looking long in these jeans is because they can easily shorten the wearer. If you’re ever feeling short and. you’ve tried these things, check the hems aren’t dragging! If you’re unsure about the correct hem length you should have, read this other post I did a little while back!

Wear The Same Colour Shoe As Your Pants: Not only does this add length to your figure but it creates a really clean, elegant look. Matching in your shoes also helps you to stop buying only black shoes and branch out!

I hope you all enjoyed this weeks video and you find the above board helpful in your wide-leg jeans outfit endeavours! Let me know in the comments your experience with this cut of jean and if you have any ideas for future videos!

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