How To Wear Sneakers Fashionably – Like A Stylist

How to wear sneakers fashionably with jeans

The pandemic has made me a sneaker person, and if you’re after a few sneaker outfit ideas or want to learn how to wear sneakers fashionably then you’ve come to the right stylist – me!

Firstly, I need to start by saying I’m not by any means a ‘sneaker geek’, one of those cool street style people that can wear all those oversized outfits with the chunkiest pair of sneakers they could find, and manage to pull it off! So if you came here looking for some Yeezy worthy looks, I haven’t got anything for you. Nope, I am usually a 3-inch heels or I’m not going anywhere type of person. I’ve got the calf muscles to prove it.

The current lockdown across Australia, however, has meant that we’re only allowed out and about for essential things like going to the supermarket or exercising and because I’m currently scared to get on public transport or Uber anywhere, I’ve been walking in sneakers!

I let my friend, Dani know this who promptly sent me a pair of sneakers from her business The Good Shoe Shop and told me to have fun making outfits and I did, but the kind of outfits I made to me, are more every day or work-focused. I wanted to keep the sneakers looking neat and feminine, and still show my own style – so if you’re after sneakers outfit ideas for a more feminine style – welcome!

How To Wear Sneakers Fashionably – My outfit breakdown

Sneakers With Cuffed or Cropped Jeans

The trick with wearing sneakers with jeans is to wear jeans that show more ankle and leave a bit of a gap between the shoe and your jeans. This will help your legs look longer and stop the shoes from weighing down your outfit. I also opted for a high-rise pair of jeans to keep my legs looking extra long.

White Sneakers Call For A Matchy Moment

If your sneakers are primarily one colour, the ones in the video are mainly white with a navy back – pick that colour up in your outfit and you’ll automatically match in your shoes. This works whether you’ve got white sneakers, pink, green, brown suede or even metallic sneakers.

Throughout the video, I’ve picked up white in my tops and I’ve also picked up that navy colour in a pair of culottes and a striped tee.

Sneakers With Dresses

If you want to wear your sneakers with a dress, and it’s your first venture into styling with sneakers than I recommend you look for two things in the dress you decide to wear. First thing, opt for a dress that has detail up the top, whether it’s an open neckline, an interesting collar, or even a fun sleeve.

Second, the length of the dress is important, knee-length or above gives you a longer looking leg. If you opt for a midi-style, look for a dress that ticks that first box so you don’t squat your height.

Wear Culottes With Sneakers

Culottes look their best when they’re worn with a top tucked in. They’re a tough pant to pull off, especially because. the length of these are so important. You need to make sure these end mid-calf, not on the ankle when worn with sneakers. When you style in your sneakers, go for a low cut sneaker, as opposed to a high top – this will keep the length in your legs and flatter both you and the shoe. I wore a darker culotte with a light v-neck cami in the video.

How To Wear Sneakers Fashionably + Buying Your First Pair

Sneakers With A Suit

I think this was the look that really converted me, I felt like a cool person wearing the sneakers with my pink suit. The trick with making it work is first and foremost, ensuring your suit fits well and the length of the pants won’t drag if worn with a sneaker – that’s important! We don’t do dragging hems here.

Next, I kept the look really clean and simple by working in a plain white tee to match the sneakers. I think the sneakers work well with the suit when it’s kept simple, lose the bells and whistles, ditch the prints and go for a clean, minimal look.

Want to see some inspiration? I made you a Pinterest board full of sneakers outfit ideas! View it below or jump over to Pinterest and search ‘How To Wear Sneakers Fashionably’ to find it.

Want to learn how to style more than just sneakers?

Well, last week I launched a Youtube Channel AND a women’s styling course called The Capsule Plan. The course is designed to help women plan ahead for the season and build a capsule wardrobe. The Youtube channel is here to help you style individual pieces, chat about clothing care and give you a little extra know-how for your next shopping session!

If you missed last weeks video, it’s all about How To Use A Clothing Steamer!

If you have any ideas for future videos, let me know in the comments below!

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